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June 2016 Blog Posts (25)

Learning to Walk: Gearing up for a self supported trip from Durango to Denver on the Colorado Trail

     Human development is simply amazing. As infants, we're helpless, relying on the selfless love and kindness of others for survival. Our strength is hardly enough to resist gravity and our coordination is no better. We're dependent for all of our needs from being clothed for temperature regulation, cleaned for health and hygiene, and fed for nourishment. Each of these tasks are done for us, taken on by those who love us and brought us into the world. But soon enough, we develop more…


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Training while Traveling

I'm not the best at keeping up with training while traveling.  I travel pretty regularly for work and at times find it hard to get in a good workout.  The hotels usally do have pretty fitness rooms, but swimming is probably the hardest as the hotel pools aren't really conducive for laps.  Biking is almost as tough,…


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Elk Park Trail: Just take some photos, would you?

On Saturday, June 25, I gave Elk Park Trail a try.  This is one of my favorite trails because it is really high and has some great views. The trip starts at timberline just off the Pikes Peak Highway and drops about 1800 feet to Barr Camp.  Then you turn around and run back.  It's about 10.5 miles round trip with some gentle, rolling hills, and some good technical stuff as well.…


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JQRC 28 June 2016



Summer sun = summer runs!!! Hope you’re enjoying the long days and short nights.



You can sign up to volunteer for any of…


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Eight weeks and a wake up!

Are there really only eight weeks until the Pikes Peak Ascent?

Somewhere along the way, I added a week in my mind, so I had a minor freakout earlier this week when I realized I'd been counting wrong!

I'd been feeling pretty confident about my training, but after learning I'd lost a week, I began panicking that I wasn't doing enough.  Thoughts turned to: I didn't start Ascent training early enough (an injury…


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Marmot Life

After my run this morning I thought I would share my thoughts on why Tim Bergsten thought I would be an asset to the team.

Reasons Why I Make a Good Marmot:

  1. Both like to pose for the camera
  2. Appears by the arms that they hit up the gym about the same amount of time each week
  3. Both have just a smidge of white hair
  4. Both live in high elevation
  5. Both are a great distraction for tired…

Added by Jen Samora on June 24, 2016 at 7:30am — 2 Comments

Here comes the Summer Round Up Trail Run!

It always amazes me how fast these races sneak up on you once the season begins.  The first leg of the Triple Crown of Running is in the books and just when you thought you could take a breather, BAM!, here comes the Summer Round Up Trail Run.  Each of the Triple Crown races present their own unique challenges whether it be the distance, the course, or just your own personal challenges.

According to the Summer Round Up…


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The Vulnerable or The Resilient?

The snow is almost gone in the Pikes Peak region, with surrounding mountain ranges still holding deep pockets in their couloirs and shady spots.  As a result, a heck of a lot more people are playing outdoors, exploring new areas, and training hard.  Unfortunately, this also equates to a lot more Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.  For simplicity sake, there are…


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Competition. Growing up I always loved competition. I grew up with tons of cousins- and by tons I mean twenty-eight first cousins on one side of my family. My fondest memories include competition. Majority of my cousins were older boys so there was never a time I wasn’t being coached to juke my opponent while we played football in front of our grandparents’ house or learn how to perfect the fancy pass on the basketball court. Since…


Added by Jen Samora on June 21, 2016 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

Born to Run

It’s been a week since the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run. It was a beautiful day! I finished in 1:37 which is about what I’d expected and slower than my potential. Training was slow in the weeks leading to the race. I’ve been battling the remnants of an ankle injury and was cautious leading to the race. Good news though! The ankle held strong and has been improving quite a bit…


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Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood....Uh, Garden!

The Garden of the Gods is such a spectacular place to run and a perfect way to kick-off the Triple Crown of Running!  Thanks to Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc. for putting on such a well-organized event, as well as, the Pikes Peak Road Runners for their support and timing, all the high school track/cross country teams that manned the aid stations in the Aid Station Challenge, the Colorado Running Company and all the sponsors, and of…


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A shot at the Summit

Fathers' Day weekend is a good weekend to summit Pikes Peak.  So, I decided after the Garden of the Gods 10 mile race that I would make a shot for the summit on Saturday if the weather was good. The weather was good, so summit I did.

I sent out a Facebook notice that I was going to summit and Marcus Lawler, one of my Inline Club friends responded that he was running to A-Frame on Saturday and would love some company.  Neither one of us were looking to go fast, but just needed…


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JQRC 21 June 2016



Happy Summer Solstice everyone…..what are your “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream(s)”??????



You can sign up to volunteer for any…


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I am NOT ready for the Pikes Peak Ascent – OMG

I am NOT ready for the Pikes Peak Ascent – OMG Dave and I were in Leadville this weekend for some fun to include high altitude training – I guess. Saturday’s run started the way the Leadville 100 trail race did for Dave in 2014 running from town towards Turquoise Lake. I had paced this section for him in 2014 and our friend Susie Howery in 2015. I recounted both of their last…


Added by Danielle Spivey on June 19, 2016 at 2:35pm — 1 Comment

Dirty Kanza

Rebecca Rusch, a well known figure in the endurance biking world, was giving a short talk the night before the Dirty Kanza.  She was speaking about the self doubt some of us would face the next day.  She told us of a "friend rule" she follows for whenever the voices in her head start telling her she sucks.  Whenever these voices pop up, telling her she should quit or she's a loser or she is a lousy athlete, she asks herself, "Would I…


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Did I miss church? I think not.

Race number 1 in this venture with the Marmots is complete.  My teammates represented well with a number of age group awards.  I forgot just how awesome this race is from a race and, for sure, from a  spectacular venue point of view.  So here is my race report (think church):

As the members or our congregation gather for the service to come, there is plenty of conversation. Food is shared as well.  I mean Tim Bersten…


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JQRC 14 June



WOW what a fabulous birthday bash…thanks to everyone who made it possible!!!!


Don’t forget to we have Grandmaster Chae: Hiker/runner self-defense class  (7-8pm Penrose Library (downtown) Come over right after the JQ…


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Incline...Stations...Santa Fe...Guide Dog!

My family and I took a little weekend getaway to Santa Fe over this past weekend and it went a little something like this:

I had to get my Incline Club run in on Thursday evening, so thus began the weekend.  The IC ran an interval run up Barr Trail that consisted of 1:00 running hard followed by 1:00 rest.  That lasted 30:00- -15:00 running and 15:00 resting.…


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High Drive Challenge – GREAT training for the Triple Crown!!!!

I’d say the High Drive Challenge is a great way to practice how you’ll feel during the Ascent, as well as the next day when your quads are burning trying to walk down stairs.  Oh no, that would be if I signed up for the Marathon.  Thank Goodness I did NOT.  I’ll leave that to Dave doing the DOUBLE. 

Anyway –…


Added by Danielle Spivey on June 7, 2016 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment

Clearly I’m just a runner…….I think

Having been lucky enough to “win” a lottery slot in this year’s Leadville Trail 100 MTB race in August, I thought I would go over to Leadville to get a training ride in.  Besides, it is beautiful over there!

My buddy, Warren, and I started out off County Road 9 to head up St. Kevin’s which is about 3 miles from the starting line.  The first couple miles were…


Added by David Mulligan on June 7, 2016 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

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