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Pikes Peak Ascent – Race Day

Race and the alarm was set for 4:15.  I went to bed around 9:30 and woke up around 1:00, again at 3:00 and then the alarm rang at 4:15 as scheduled.  I felt good, I felt refreshed and surprisingly I wasn’t nervous.

Breakfast was my normal oatmeal.  I doubled checked my sweat check bag and all my other supplies and headed out the door at 6:00.  Start line was already crowded and after some scouting by our awesome driver we had a prime spot and its 6:15, plenty of time before the…


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With the Pikes Peak Ascent here it has made me reflect on the people that got me where I am.  I have so many people that have inspired me but I want to take this opportunity to give some love to those that have had the biggest impact on my life.

My mom does not run but has had a tremendous impact on my running.  She taught me that nothing is easy and if you want it you need to work for it.  Thank you for instilling this drive in me when I run mom.  I love you.

My dad does run…


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Final Training Runs

The last couple of weeks I really wanted to pick up my training.  I wanted to increase my mileage and continue getting some altitude training in.  Mission accomplished!

Three of my training runs went something like this:  I took the cog to Mountain View and ran to the summit.  It was a first for me as I have never rode the cog and ran from there.  As I started running I was thinking this is a small trail.  Then suddenly there was no trail.  I stopped looked around and luckily there…


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We all know when training is involved there are so many sacrifices that are made.  The event really dictates the sacrifices involved.  5k’s are different from 10k’s, from half marathons and even more different than the Pikes Peak Ascent.  This particular event is the sacrifices while training for the Pikes Peak Ascent.

The training for the PPA really began back in March when some runs went to North Cheyenne Canyon and the Chutes. From there it was Section 16, Garden of the Gods, Barr…


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Bottom to Top???

The Saturday before the Summer Roundup I went to the top of Pikes Peak and sat up there for a couple of hours.  Normally I would have ran down some and then back up for some Pikes Peak Ascent training.  However, with the Summer Roundup the next day I just wanted to be on top for some altitude time.

As I sat on top and watched runners going up and down I was sad for a second that I wasn’t running.  Yes, it was only for a second and then I was actually happy I wasn’t running, haha.  As…


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Summer Round Up

Bubba has officially renamed this race to Summer Pound Up.  I had an idea of the course because I tried to run some of it a few days earlier.  I knew it was going to take my very best to conquer this course.  I did all the things I normally do to insure I would give it my best but this course pounded me.

As I waited for the start I felt good.  The temperature was just right for me.  I thought I was going to get the best of this course.  The first mile was congested but I knew it would…


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KISS my Crags

Only part of this is about training for the Triple Crown of Running Series but it does include Brianne Pierson, a fellow member of the PikespeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners team.

My awesome kids gave me KISS concert tickets for an early birthday gift.  Since the concert was on a Wednesday night I took Thursday off work.  I am heading up to Denver and I hear a couple of friends are going for a run Thursday.  So I ask what time and the answer is 9:00.  I think to myself, heck I can be…


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What is a traincation? In Bubba’s dictionary it is a mini vacation from training.  I haven’t blogged since the Garden of the Gods 10 mile but then again I haven’t done much.

I did do a little running.  I did the Sailin’ Shoes 5k and set a new PR. I am extremely happy with my time and will probably have that PR for some time.  The next day I did the Spring Spree 5k but the time was not nearly as impressive.  I did realize two 5k races in back to back days are not good for me.  I was…


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Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Race

Thank you Garden of the Gods for letting me finish injury free.  People say the views in this race are awesome.  I was looking to catch my breath and didn’t see any views.  Here is a recap of race day.

I am sleeping so well on a Sunday morning when out of the darkness my alarm rings.  It is time to get up for the race.  I wipe the sleep from my eye and stumble to the bathroom.  A shower, a shave, some coffee and some stretching and I am ready to go.

I drive into Manitou looking…


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A poem for the Garden 10 mile

The Garden 10 mile race has snuck up on me.  I have trained but as every race, I always wish I was in better condition.  One of the ways I figured I could show my respect to the Garden is to write a poem.  I don’t think I have written a poem since college so here it goes.  As always, keep running my fellow runners because you inspire me.  GO BRT!!!!


Garden o' Garden 10 mile race

Take it easy on me

So I can keep my pace.


Let’s play nice to each…


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Fun During the Journey

Since late April every run I have completed was geared towards the Garden of the Gods 10 mile race.  I have done some speed work, tempo runs or hills to get ready for this race.  I am very excited to be a part of the Pikespeaksports.us Triple Runners team and have enjoyed the labor I have put into the training.

However, on Monday I did a run/race just for fun.  The Bolder Boulder is a wonderful race and the only race I do strictly for fun.  This race really brings out the special fun…


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Training Daze

Training daze are here.  Not sure if anyone has ever used that term before but “Bubba” has now coined it. 

The frequency of training daze has increased.  Not sure it is reflecting in the miles yet but I did get some extra days of running in.  The mileage still must increase because the Garden of the Gods 10 mile race is coming soon.  It is going to be a tough race but it is worth it because I am super excited about being on the PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners Team!  I love the…


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I know while training for the Triple Crown Series and the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile race there will be setbacks.  I do not know how many there will be or when they will happen but I encountered my first one.

This past week went nothing as scheduled.  The week started promising with a nice run on Monday.  It felt good and I set my schedule.  Run Tuesday, run Thursday and then figure out if I was going to run a double on Saturday.  It was looking good, an increase in…


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Here is my first blog ever.  First I want to say I am honored to be a part of the 2014 PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners

Pre-training……yes, exactly, I mean training to train. :)

I was picking up a race packet the other day and a guy asked me “How’s your training going?”  Being the witty guy I am I said “I am still in pre-training”.  He chuckled at me and I could see in his face…


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