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The last couple of weeks I really wanted to pick up my training.  I wanted to increase my mileage and continue getting some altitude training in.  Mission accomplished!

Three of my training runs went something like this:  I took the cog to Mountain View and ran to the summit.  It was a first for me as I have never rode the cog and ran from there.  As I started running I was thinking this is a small trail.  Then suddenly there was no trail.  I stopped looked around and luckily there were others that knew what they were doing so I followed them.  They had to be thinking I was not very smart trying to run on a rabbit trail.  The run went well but I didn’t do as well as I wanted above A-Frame.

The next weekend I drove to Elk Park and ran down to Barr Camp and then back to Elk Park.  I saw the Baca family and ran down with them.  It was fun and I really enjoyed running with them.  Thank you Baca’s.  On the run back to the top I was feeling pretty good until I hit the hill before and after Oil Creek Tunnel.  Those hills felt extremely long and brutal.  As I was struggling and walking very slowly many of my friends went flying by me.  They are great runners so when they pass you it is not at all disappointing.  They encouraged me as they always do.  I appreciate the help Neil, Peter and Simon.

Last weekend I drove to the top of the peak and ran 4 miles down and then back to the top.  Going down didn’t take long and felt much better than I thought it would.  Going up felt good until I hit the last mile.  I would bet money it is more than a mile.  I saw so many great people training that day.  They were all very encouraging.  Loved seeing you Peggy, Julius, Gladys, Kari, Mary, Jody and Bill.  If I forgot to mention anyone I will blame the lack of oxygen and age.

Training for the Triple Crown of Running Series and being a part of the Pikespeaksports.us Triple Crown Running team has been a pleasure and honor.  I have enjoyed sharing my journey with you and I appreciate you reading my blogs.  I will do one more good training run and then taper and rest for race day.

Keep running my fellow runners because you inspire me.  GO BRT!!!

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