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With the Pikes Peak Ascent here it has made me reflect on the people that got me where I am.  I have so many people that have inspired me but I want to take this opportunity to give some love to those that have had the biggest impact on my life.

My mom does not run but has had a tremendous impact on my running.  She taught me that nothing is easy and if you want it you need to work for it.  Thank you for instilling this drive in me when I run mom.  I love you.

My dad does run and you all know him.  I call him Homeslice.  When I was young he ran and I didn’t even know he ran.  Looking back I remember it and it was indeed the first piece of the puzzle to my running journey.  These days he is out there every Tuesday inspiring me. Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration Homeslice.

My Uncle William is a huge inspiration to me.  He has run the Pikes Peak Marathon 25 times!  I hope I can run the Ascent 5 times.  When I was young I would ask my Aunt Gwen “where is Uncle William?”  She would tell me is running and will return in about 4 hours.  I thought “who runs for 4 or more hours.”  Now I understand all the training and how much work he put into his training.  Uncle William, thank you for teaching me about perseverance when running up Pikes Peak and thank you for letting me run with you and for all the support you give me.

My Uncle Patrick, aka Running Hawk.  He is not a runner nor does he know any runners.  My Uncle Running Hawk has had both legs amputated.  Every day I am able to stand up, walk, and especially run he is on my mind.  He is a fighter and inspires me daily.  Thank you for inspiring my by teaching me toughness and keeping you strong will to live Uncle Running Hawk.  

My sister Nadine, you all might know her as Champ.  She has been running for years and I didn’t understand why but now I understand.  She has taught me how to enjoy running and recently she has taught me how to manage it.  Champ, thank you for always being there for me when I run and when I don’t.

Of course I need to tell you about BRT.  This awesome group of runners are the absolute best.  They are the best runners, have the best hearts, and are there for me every step I take.  They have been with me through thick and thin to encourage, support and inspire me.  The best part is BRT will be running up Pikes Peak with me.  Even though they will be ahead of me they will still be with me.  The members of BRT that are not running up the mountain will be at the bottom taking care of business so when I get down I can celebrate.  BRT, thank you for always being there and inspiring me.

Finally, I need to thank every runner in this community whether I know you or not.  Every time I am running and I see you on the trail you totally inspire me.  When I see you run I want to be as awesome as you.  Colorado Springs has the best running community in the USA and some of the best runners in the USA.  Keep running COS because you inspire me!

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Comment by CJ Hitz on August 14, 2014 at 10:27pm

Great post Bubba! We all have so much to be thankful for

Comment by Tim Bergsten on August 14, 2014 at 9:08pm

 Bubba is laying it down for for the fam. I freaking LOVE that. 

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