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Race and the alarm was set for 4:15.  I went to bed around 9:30 and woke up around 1:00, again at 3:00 and then the alarm rang at 4:15 as scheduled.  I felt good, I felt refreshed and surprisingly I wasn’t nervous.

Breakfast was my normal oatmeal.  I doubled checked my sweat check bag and all my other supplies and headed out the door at 6:00.  Start line was already crowded and after some scouting by our awesome driver we had a prime spot and its 6:15, plenty of time before the race.

Now the nerves were starting to kick in but seeing all my friends and taking a few pictures and all of the sudden it is time to start.  The run through Manitou and up Ruxton was nice.  Many people along the way cheering and shouting “go” to all their friends.  It made that part of the race super fun.

I start heading up Barr and get some decent running in.  There were spots I wasn’t running but I never felt like I was losing time.  I hit No Name Creek 6 minutes over my scheduled time but I felt confident.  Next up Bob’s Road and I was moving pretty good.  Next stop is Barr Camp.  I am over the time I wanted but I was feeling exceptionally good.  In fact, I was thinking I would love to do a Barr Camp 10k race and take a Gondola back down.  Someone needs to finance that awesome idea!

Next up is Bottomless Pit.  Still feeling good I was thinking I could get a 3:45 time on this race.  Then came the hill after Bottomless Pit.   I could feel the time slipping away especially with every racer that passed me.  All I could think was “where is A-Frame?  I need to get to A-Frame.”

With all the energy I saved getting to A-Frame I should be able to make up some time above tree line!  I passed tree line and the energy I thought I would have was not there.  I gave it all I could.  I pushed it as much as my body would let me.  My mind was saying “go” but my body wasn’t listening. 

The last three miles went like this, 26:57, 23:19 and 28:12.  About 10 minutes longer than I had hoped.  The last mile was awful and I still don’t see why they call it 16 Golden Stairs because it feels like a lot more than 16, they are way hard and they are not gold in color.

Total time was 4:05:20.  Longer than my two goals I set.  I wanted a 3:46:59 to take a minute off a mile from last year and at the least I wanted 3:59:59 so I could be sub 4:00.  I didn’t get my goals but I did finish.  In this race that in itself is a huge accomplishment.  As I was doing the final 3 miles I was thinking “I am never doing this again.”  It’s a good thing I have a short memory and forgot I had that thought because I am already thinking about how to change my training and how I can improve.

Hanging around the top was awesome seeing all the incredible runners as they crossed the line and ducked their heads to have their medal placed around their neck.  It was also great seeing all the awesome people that had already finished.  The ride down was one to remember as there was lots of joking, laughing and teasing.  I think I was teased the most and all the teasing came from me. The bottom was epic!  I know the best people in the world and they make running so much fun.  BRT, you all rock!  Thank you for an awesome day.

I know I could have never done this without the other runners in COS.  My fellow runners keep on running because you inspire me.  GO BRT!!!    

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Comment by Mary Baldwin on August 18, 2014 at 9:14pm

Sub 4:00 or not, you rocked that mountain! Here's to the many more training runs and Ascents to come!

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