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Here is my first blog ever.  First I want to say I am honored to be a part of the 2014 PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners

Pre-training……yes, exactly, I mean training to train. :)

I was picking up a race packet the other day and a guy asked me “How’s your training going?”  Being the witty guy I am I said “I am still in pre-training”.  He chuckled at me and I could see in his face he was worried about me.

You know when you are thinking to yourself I need to get outside and run but it’s cold, dark, you had a long day, need to feed the kids and you don’t go run near enough?  That is the pre-training time.

The pre-training is actually fun.  Those are runs to loosen the muscles and wake up the bones.  They are easy runs where there is no pressure except to stay warm because it is still only spring time.  You can pick any distance and go for a time you are comfortable with.  The miles are not a lot and it is more about remembering how much I love running.  Don’t get me wrong, I ran during the winter but it was hard to get out in the cold as much as I wanted.  I did several races in the winter one of them was the Super Half & Game Day 5K.  One of the best races of the year, I love that race.  Thank you Tim.

The other part of pre-training is the mental part.  No, not tell myself I love running but remembering there is a lot of time until the Pikes Peak Ascent.  Too much too fast equals injuries and burn out.  I need to tell myself the training is just like a race.  Sometimes it is better to pace myself and not just go out full force. 

Wait a minute; I haven’t pre-trained properly in the liquid carb area.  Must I go right into that training mode for liquid carbs?  So much to ponder, haha.

The pre-training period goes from mid-March to early May.  Therefore, pre-training is over.  It is time to start the real training because before I know it the Garden of the Gods 10 mile race will be here.  I am looking forward to running with my new team mates the PPSTRC Team.  I know they will help me become a better runner and will bring me miles of fun.  Remember keep running my fellow runners because you inspire me. 

Let the training begin.  GO BRT!!!!

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Comment by Shelley Hitz on May 7, 2014 at 9:55am

Go Bubba!!  Let the training begin :)

Comment by Bill Beagle on May 5, 2014 at 9:22pm

"...I could see in his face he was worried about me."  THAT's the idea Gene….let others do the worrying….we'll just keep plodding along and we'll all get there, one way or t'other!

Comment by Sean O'Day on May 4, 2014 at 10:39am

So what does pre-pre-training look like?  I may be there currently...

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