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Since late April every run I have completed was geared towards the Garden of the Gods 10 mile race.  I have done some speed work, tempo runs or hills to get ready for this race.  I am very excited to be a part of the Pikespeaksports.us Triple Runners team and have enjoyed the labor I have put into the training.

However, on Monday I did a run/race just for fun.  The Bolder Boulder is a wonderful race and the only race I do strictly for fun.  This race really brings out the special fun of running and makes for a great holiday.  The day went something like this; wake up at 4:30 am, leave hotel by 5:45 am, hit the start line around 7:00 am, start the race around 7:30 am, get to Folsom Field around 8:20 am and then meet up with many friends and family to enjoy the elite runners and post race festivities.

Along the race route there are bands, snacks, fans cheering you on, beverages and a slip-n-slide.  The best part of all that is the fact I get to run side by side with my sister Champ.  She makes the race a ton of fun.  Thank you Champ!  Check out a couple of pictures from the race.  Maybe next year I will run Bolder Boulder for time……..Naw!

Remember keep running my fellow runners because you inspire me.  Go BRT!!!!

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