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November 2014 Blog Posts (7)

Bouncing Back, Big Plans, and Basically Getting Ahead of Ourselves

I know that going for a “run” that is legitimately only slightly than longer than your normal warm-up isn’t really anything to get all jazzed over, but I am! I’m jazzed! I’ve been a little blue to have missed cross country season, but right now I’m the Queen of the 30 Minute Jog and I’m pumped! Oh, and sore. Sad. I’ve run up Pikes Peak for a training run and now half an hour at 8:30 pace makes me sore. But my foot’s a far cry from what it was 3 months ago (oh, and the 6 months before that…)…


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Cross training: crushing immediate hopes and dreams to build a better runner.

For all of you who have not been sentenced to endless weeks of pool running, let me tell you a secret: an 83 degree pool is not warm. An 82 degree pool is toe-numbing, And an 81 degree pool pretty much falls into the category of "cruel and unusual."  The moment I finally convinced myself to get into the pool today - after staring at the water for an inordinate amount of time as my cold-induced anxiety continued to build - I was once again reminded of why most mammals without large stores of…


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Tips for a Winter Incline Hike

Flashback to 2004. I had met this crazy outdoorsy guy (soon to be my husband of 10 years!) and he thought it would be exciting for us to have a "first…


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Remembering on My Cancerversary

There are certain moments that you will always remember in your life: your first kiss, your wedding day, the birth of your children. I can add to that otherwise happy list the moment I heard the words "Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma". November 18 is the day I had surgery one year ago for what turned out to be Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. I went into the surgery thinking that I had a precancerous lesion. I did, but there was also cancer present. This past year has been an amazing journey.



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Tales from Injuryland

That month of training sure was nice!  But for now it’s back to that place that every runner dreads: Injuryland.  It was a femur over the summer and now it’s a tibia.  While I’m convinced that tibias are tiny and insignificant in comparison to femurs so this should take no time to heal, I’ve been told otherwise. All I can say is: at least winter is on its way and there’s no Ascent to prepare for at the moment.  I should add that you may think a femur would hurt more than a tibia – yeah,…


Added by Mary Baldwin on November 16, 2014 at 7:37pm — 3 Comments

Meandering Progress

I am pleased to say that after 10.5 weeks off, I'm finally running!

Ok. I use the term "running" very loosely here. Basically I'm jogging on an Alter-G every other day and I get to increase the distance by about 5 minutes per session and the weight by 5% each time so long as my mangled plantar continues to improve and approve. So far so good, and my feet will be touching real land again soon! I'm all for skipping out on most technology-related things that needlessly complicate…


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Functional Movement Screen: Assessing your injury risk before it happens

You are in great shape. You train hard. And you feel invincible! But even the top elite athletes get injured. Why is this? As most people train or workout we do the exercises or activities that we feel will benefit us the most given our sport or goal that we are trying to achieve. If you are a running you are likely working your legs the most, getting those quads strong, hamstrings loose, and glutes powerful. But we often get tunnel vision when it comes to our training regimes and do not…


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