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January 2015 Blog Posts (9)

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: What it is and why you need to know!

The pelvic floor is an important part of human anatomy. Considering how important it is, it always amazes me how infrequently the pelvic floor is discussed. It is responsible for correct bowel and bladder function, it is also responsible for normal sexual function. One could think of the pelvic floor as the structure that holds in and supports your insides. If the…


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Volunteers needed for Super Half Marathon & Game Day 5K Water Station

Hey PPS-nation! How would you like to volunteer to help at the Super Half-Marathon and Game Day 5K JQRC Water Station?  We get the half-marathon runners on their way out and on their way back. We are also the "turn around" for the 5K runners. Bottom line we will be busy. Our station is the "tailgate party" so besides Gatorade and water we also have chips, tunes, and a ton of fun. Drop me a note at OPS@JackQuinnsRunners.com

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A Fable from Runner-land

Dear reader, this post is a fable about cross-training.  Like all good fables, it involves animals and morals, so let's get started.

When a gazelle walks up to the edge of a pool it stops and stares at the water. The thought process is something like this: Wow, that's deep, and dark, and...ahhhhh I just touched it and it's super cold!  The pool is already full of splashy fish who don't even notice that 82 degrees is sort of bone-chilling.  The gazelle is so obviously out of…


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This week at Jack Quinn's Running Club (20JAN15)

Now that the Super Bowl XLIX match ups are set it’s time for the 4th Annual Pikes Peak Sports/Super Half-Marathon & Game Day 5K AND the Tailgater of the year:

JQRC will rock it this year with our FAMOUS AID STATION CREW at the races “official tailgater” at water station #1!

Volunteers can sign up…


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Join My Colorado Bike MS Team!

Do you ride a bike? Would you like to ride for a  great cause?

I'd like you invite you (yes, you! All of you reading this here in the Pikes Peak region, or anywhere for that matter!!) to join my team (Team 303) for the 2015 edition of the Colorado Bike MS, taking place June 27-28, 2015.

Why? Because in May of 2014, I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). And chances are you know someone who has MS, even if they haven’t told you…


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First Step

While running is very important to me, sometimes I struggle to get out the door.  No doubt there are others who have that same disorder, especially when the house is so comfortable.  Standing by a window, in your initialed robe/slipper combo sipping on coffee, you watch sleet fall out of a foggy sky while hell-wind blows against the house.  On top of that, it's inconsiderately, stupidly cold.  All of these realities make you uneasy, so you huddle back into your den to keep up with other…


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Herniated Discs (Part 2): Symptoms and Treatment

This blog is the second part of a two-part blog on herniated discs. In the first post we covered the anatomy of your spinal discs and the common injuries to these discs. You can visit that post by clicking this link. Today we will discuss the symptoms and treatment of a herniated disc and what you should expect when you see a physical therapist.…


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Tonight at JQRC 06JAN15

Happy 2015 Quinnian's!


Hope you had a great holiday season and your New Year is off and running (yes pun intended). Lots of running events as we closed out 2014 and of course more to come....



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Evening On the Track

Palmer Divide.  Wind blows stiff out of the north.  These speed trainers, the Brooks T5, serve me well.  I think about how long I've had them...nearly a year.  They'll probably do me well 'til Spring.  A few more seconds to tighten the laces, and then I go. 

First lap is aggressive.  It's a method that works well for me...start hard and settle into pace.  The mile will average between 6:00-6:55 if cards are played right.  Something about knowing when to hold and fold.



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