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While running is very important to me, sometimes I struggle to get out the door.  No doubt there are others who have that same disorder, especially when the house is so comfortable.  Standing by a window, in your initialed robe/slipper combo sipping on coffee, you watch sleet fall out of a foggy sky while hell-wind blows against the house.  On top of that, it's inconsiderately, stupidly cold.  All of these realities make you uneasy, so you huddle back into your den to keep up with other sometimes worse realities that are more often than not, televised. 

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with "The Oatmeal".  He's based several of his comics on a theme of comfort.  Often, they're about how the voices in our heads try to steer us away from doing what should be done and instead doing what is easy; eating junk food while sitting on a couch, sleeping in, etc, etc.  His work is hilarious because it is all so true.  Furthermore, I can guarantee that EVERY type of person, from athlete to Sunday school teacher, goes through it. 

How do you beat these demonic voices of laziness?  Easy.  Ignore them.  No matter what.  Do you have a TV?  Facebook?  Turn it all off.  Put on your gear, open the door, and move.  After you take that first step, you find no difficulty in taking another one, and another.  You forget about the cold snow and ice and, like Nike says, "just do it."  It's all about the doing and less about the thinking about doing.  If you can just get out that door and commit, before you know it your miles for the day will be completed and you can spend the rest of it grateful for taking that first step, while hopefully doing something else good for you.             

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