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While running along in the Garden of the Gods on Saturday I noticed some Team in Training runners.

Thank you, and all the runners, bikers, and other athletes who donate their time,training ,and hard work to raising money for a variety of charities. I read somewhere on Runners World that millions of dollars are finding their way to a cross spectrum of charities due to the dedication and energy of you all.

Run strong.


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The world is (not) flat


Trail running involves ups and downs, rocks and roots, puddles and pebbles, all sorts of diverse terrain. Its part of the pleasure and part of the pain. Getting distracted and looking elswhere can occassionally have catastrophic consequences, or at least a kind of reminder that gravity works.

During all my medical stuff I managed to lose an eye.

The world/trail is now indeed flat.

This has led to some interesting runs. My dog has become a trail running guide. He…


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Garden of the Gods Race - 10 miles with infinite possibilities


Yesterday I got to meet the other Pikes Peak Sports.us Triple Crown team members. I am in awe.

A fit, energetic, funny group of runners. They were kind enough to not question my team membership, and supportive of my goals.(after looking at my photo with the odd leg muscle popping up I'm surprised they weren't laughing!) .

They reminded me that every runner has their own story. The Garden of the Gods 10 mile race will see a diversity of histories, runnning abilities,…


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Colorado weather (you like it or not)

So in the last week I've managed to run in about every condition the sky can offer. Up to Barr camp last Saturday with an early AM run in shorts, T shirt and lots of sun screen. One early week day ran with some snow and wind, and this mornings run in GOG was a misty kind of rain. Got to love Colorado weather.

Going up to Barr camp was a reminder of how beautiful a day could be- blue sky, a bit of a breeze, and not too many people on the trail. Trotting up, with the dog doing laps back…


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While at Garden of the Gods


Somewhere during the eight miles at Garden of the Gods I decided I didn't like how my shoe was tied.

My right shoe, to be exact. It seemed to put pressure on some small bone that I never paid much attention to until today.

I kept running, wiggled my foot to see if it would alleviate the issue, and contemplated my options. Stop and retie, keep going and suck it in, keep wiggleing and adjusting my footplant to see if i could avoid stopping. I'm not fond of blisters, and…


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unfinished business


Moving along the trails behind the resevoir I follow my mini Aussie. He scrambles back and forth, impatient with my slow pace, but ready to humor me if it means we get to run where he can be off leash. He is a great running companion. I get to think my thoughts and enjoy the trails while he adventures .

My musings circle and move around as quickly as he does, but eventually settle. I'm here.  Its a beautiful Colorado morning. I haven't fallen on some mysterious rock or branch…


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