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Garden of the Gods Race - 10 miles with infinite possibilities


Yesterday I got to meet the other Pikes Peak Sports.us Triple Crown team members. I am in awe.

A fit, energetic, funny group of runners. They were kind enough to not question my team membership, and supportive of my goals.(after looking at my photo with the odd leg muscle popping up I'm surprised they weren't laughing!) .

They reminded me that every runner has their own story. The Garden of the Gods 10 mile race will see a diversity of histories, runnning abilities, and goals. There are people there to win their age group, and others there to finish their first ten miler. They all line up and commit to doing their personal best, a community of sorts, who join together for that moment, that event. Each person there has a vision of their run for the race. An ocean of possibilities. Infinite possibilities, one shared goal, running the best race they can.

I am greatful for the opportunity to run this race as a member of PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Team. The concept of community is reinforced through the diversity of the team members. A few of them will be on their second cup of coffee or Reeses peanut butter cup by the time I am done. It makes me think of a  Boston Marathon winner who said to me " I admire you guys who are out there for twice as long(as me), the commitment and effort you put out, you're pretty incredible ". (and no,I can't remebeer who it was, my chemo brain fogged the details). There are the race winners, the elite athletes in top form who are lovely to watch run, there are the folks who are consistant, well trained and fast, easily marking the miles, and there are those of us in the back,who have also trained hard, completing each mile with a determined satisfaction, pleased to show up and accomplish our goals. I might not look pretty, there is no way I'll ever win, but I am just as happy to be there as the winners up front.

So I hope to meet more of you out there, on the trails or on the road, trying your best, creating your story.

If you see me and recognize me from my pictures say 'Hi' (but lets forget the pictures).

Think about coming out for the Garden of the Gods 10 miler. Its the prettiest run in Colorado.

And you get to hang out with a great group of runners.



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Comment by Amy (Arcuri) Perez on May 22, 2011 at 8:34pm
Alexis - YOU are an inspiration.  So nice to put names and faces together.  I look forward to seeing that smile in the garden in a few weeks.  Happy running!

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