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oh well

Started out great. Caught in traffic on W's.

Passed woman getting ill on side of trail.

Stayed with her until her friends caught up.

Missed cut off by nine minutes.

Decided might try continue as civilian. Rescue volunteer cautioned not to due to storm issues.

Turned back at A-frame once again.

Next year.

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Ready. Set. Go!

Everything is laid out. Can't read another word from Matt's book.

Its time to do it.

The path goes up. I will go up.


In my minds eye I have already won.

Tomorrow is the affirmation.

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A brief note

 Have spent some time looking at Pikes Peak and been enjoying reading everyone's great posts about getting to the top (and back if that's their race) . Some moments have also been spent reflecting on The Ascent, 2008, getting so close, and having to go back down because the weather was creating terrible conditions on top. (it was a longer run, I was turned around at the A- frame.) My gear is ready, clothes set aside, race day check list complete. A little anxious about parking, sleep, and,…


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This is...it!

 Its beeen a great few weeks . Spent a lot of time on trails. Each day has found me spending at least a few hours on a trail.  Trails on Pikes, going up, coming down, going up...., trails in the canons, trails in the parks. Ran into a few friendly faces, some known (Brandon, Aaron, Amy) and some just breezing by me, often sharing smiles, words of encouragement, or pats to the dog.  I enjoy the trail . Quiet engaged movement, with the dog trotting, running, and casually peering down at me…


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Silent home. Cat sleeps. Dog sleeps. Cancer sleeps.

PET scan came back with NED (no evidenve of disease). Yet I am aware, so keenly aware that cancer can sleep and hide and edge forward when it choses.

I dance on the abyss. Stare down its dark face, find my fear, and move on the edge. I will always be moving on its edge. Whatever my choices now, they are made facing the ebony abyss.

Light givers come in many forms. Son and daughter, friends and family. They chose to be here with…


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two races, one message

Sunday's heat melted the asphalt and the runners. I ran clipped corners and kept sipping water. Two Sundays and two races, The Summer Roundup and the Zooma Colorado half. At each finish line my daughter waited. She smiled, cheered, and brought the dog up to great my finish.  This past Sunday, moving across the finish line, I remebered  the times I waited for her, supported her, was cheering her finishes and performances. The role reversal is not quite new.A few years ago, when she was…


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Four footed running partners

When the alarm goes off around 5:00am the dog stretches, opens one eye quizzically, then rolls over. I want to do the same, but the predicted temperture is close to mid nineties. I have some miles to do and I prefer not to bake myself in the process. It has all been coming back to me, Colorado running in the heat, bring water and gu for the long runs, and more water, oh, and water for the dog.

My runs are increasing in distance, so some days I can be out for a few hours or so. I feel…


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No Garmin...no problem? or Rambling thoughts Part II


Its taken me a bit of time to process Sunday.

Woke up, did all the usual pre-race stuff, and rolled into Manitou.

Greeted by incredibly positive and supportive team members (thanks!).

Tried to quiet my growing anxiety. Everyone looked so young, fit, and ready to kill the course. I felt a bit old, a bit slow, and a bit of doubt.Cancer takes away different parts of your self. My confidence in my body really took a hit. Dismissing the little negative thoughts , I…


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Rambling thoughts the night before

(A random quote someone sent me)


"...is willing to accept that she creates her own reality

except for some of the parts

where she can't help but wonder

what the hell was she thinking"

Maybe that's a good summary of running and my cancer survivorship.

I'll let you know more tomorrow, after the Garden of the Gods 10 miles is done.

Smile if you see me, ( I'll be the one nearer the back).

I'll do the same for you.

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Snake(s) on the trail

I was in the middle of a quick six mile run in Stratton area,up by the Resevoires.  Not paying too much attenetion, meandering on the trail and in my thoughts. Then the stick almost under my foot moved.

 I think my scream was a little shrill. A chuckle from behind, followed by a charming Southern voice " Darlin', you just about stepped on that snake'.

"Thought it was a long stick. The dog didn't seem too interested, then it moved and....I hate snakes!"

He ambled over to…


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Early this morning


Somewhere during the 10 mile run today through the Garden I found myself. I really was lost for awhile. Have been waiting for the pieces to connect again. The elusive feelings that seemed to be just on the periphery, finally came through . Pure joy . Its been a bit of a struggle to let go, to give myself permission to move with the abandon that I used to have when I ran. My body had betrayed me. It could do it again. There has been a sense of fear and mistrust moving as an…


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While running along in the Garden of the Gods on Saturday I noticed some Team in Training runners.

Thank you, and all the runners, bikers, and other athletes who donate their time,training ,and hard work to raising money for a variety of charities. I read somewhere on Runners World that millions of dollars are finding their way to a cross spectrum of charities due to the dedication and energy of you all.

Run strong.


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The world is (not) flat


Trail running involves ups and downs, rocks and roots, puddles and pebbles, all sorts of diverse terrain. Its part of the pleasure and part of the pain. Getting distracted and looking elswhere can occassionally have catastrophic consequences, or at least a kind of reminder that gravity works.

During all my medical stuff I managed to lose an eye.

The world/trail is now indeed flat.

This has led to some interesting runs. My dog has become a trail running guide. He…


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Garden of the Gods Race - 10 miles with infinite possibilities


Yesterday I got to meet the other Pikes Peak Sports.us Triple Crown team members. I am in awe.

A fit, energetic, funny group of runners. They were kind enough to not question my team membership, and supportive of my goals.(after looking at my photo with the odd leg muscle popping up I'm surprised they weren't laughing!) .

They reminded me that every runner has their own story. The Garden of the Gods 10 mile race will see a diversity of histories, runnning abilities,…


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Colorado weather (you like it or not)

So in the last week I've managed to run in about every condition the sky can offer. Up to Barr camp last Saturday with an early AM run in shorts, T shirt and lots of sun screen. One early week day ran with some snow and wind, and this mornings run in GOG was a misty kind of rain. Got to love Colorado weather.

Going up to Barr camp was a reminder of how beautiful a day could be- blue sky, a bit of a breeze, and not too many people on the trail. Trotting up, with the dog doing laps back…


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While at Garden of the Gods


Somewhere during the eight miles at Garden of the Gods I decided I didn't like how my shoe was tied.

My right shoe, to be exact. It seemed to put pressure on some small bone that I never paid much attention to until today.

I kept running, wiggled my foot to see if it would alleviate the issue, and contemplated my options. Stop and retie, keep going and suck it in, keep wiggleing and adjusting my footplant to see if i could avoid stopping. I'm not fond of blisters, and…


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unfinished business


Moving along the trails behind the resevoir I follow my mini Aussie. He scrambles back and forth, impatient with my slow pace, but ready to humor me if it means we get to run where he can be off leash. He is a great running companion. I get to think my thoughts and enjoy the trails while he adventures .

My musings circle and move around as quickly as he does, but eventually settle. I'm here.  Its a beautiful Colorado morning. I haven't fallen on some mysterious rock or branch…


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