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I was in the middle of a quick six mile run in Stratton area,up by the Resevoires.  Not paying too much attenetion, meandering on the trail and in my thoughts. Then the stick almost under my foot moved.

 I think my scream was a little shrill. A chuckle from behind, followed by a charming Southern voice " Darlin', you just about stepped on that snake'.

"Thought it was a long stick. The dog didn't seem too interested, then it moved and....I hate snakes!"

He ambled over to where the ridiculously long snake had slithered.

"Looks like a bull snake from the shape of its snout, about six feet",he commented, bending in to get a better look, "its that time of year, you should be paying a bit more attention to where you put your feet". Then he moved on. The dog, hopefully my early warning system, had failed me.  Now I'm concerned the dog could be more victim than help.

So I am asking all of you out there, where are you seeing the most snakes, what's the best time of day to run to avoid them, and any other advice you might give me regarding snakes on the trail.

Any 'running and snake' stories you might want to share are welcome.

Did I mention I hate snakes.



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Comment by Amy (Arcuri) Perez on June 8, 2011 at 8:33am
I too hate snakes.  I ran Ute Valley Park yesterday around 2:45pm and I would say that is NOT the time as it was hot and I was on the prowl for the rattlers that aparantly frequent that park.  They terrify me.  I didn't seen any but I do think you are safer to avoid them in the morning that the afternoon as they enjoy sunning themselves.  EEEWWWW...snakes! 

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