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Silent home. Cat sleeps. Dog sleeps. Cancer sleeps.
PET scan came back with NED (no evidenve of disease). Yet I am aware, so keenly aware that cancer can sleep and hide and edge forward when it choses.
I dance on the abyss. Stare down its dark face, find my fear, and move on the edge. I will always be moving on its edge. Whatever my choices now, they are made facing the ebony abyss.
Light givers come in many forms. Son and daughter, friends and family. They chose to be here with me. They cannot define the abyss .They cannot know it except through my eyes. I share the deepest fears very guardedly. Some on-line friends, unseen, also walk this path. I do not have to give them the words. They know without telling.
Life moves forward in a swirl of 'I am free for a few more months'. Until the next scan I can move the fear to a small echo in the back of my thoughts. As a dancer on the abyss, I embrace the world that I can run in for the next while. Play in. Love in. Be in.
It is all good. For this moment in the dance.

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