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Trail running involves ups and downs, rocks and roots, puddles and pebbles, all sorts of diverse terrain. Its part of the pleasure and part of the pain. Getting distracted and looking elswhere can occassionally have catastrophic consequences, or at least a kind of reminder that gravity works.

During all my medical stuff I managed to lose an eye.

The world/trail is now indeed flat.

This has led to some interesting runs. My dog has become a trail running guide. He often checks in with me to be sure that I am negotiating the assorted obstacles. He still stops at the one rock where I fell a long time ago and glares at me until I am safely around. Being a mini aussie, his herding instinct comes out as he moves me along. Not nipping at my heels,but running foward than back,keeping track of me, and getting a good run in for himself.

Garden of the Gods is a pavement race. I have been enjoying taking in the scenery. The need to focus on the road is not near as prevelant as on a trail. I've run across a variety of wild life, deer, rabbits, fox, a snake, and a motorcyclist who insisted on riding in the bike lane, stop, and engage in conversation. Most of his conversation questioned my sanity at running . ( I was running up a particularly long hill, and was not amused).

The Garden has incredible vistas. No matter how many times I run through there, I always find something new to amaze me.  Today was no different, but while I was gazing up an unnoticed  pavement crack tripped me. It was a quick down and up, marginally skinned knee, and a a little bit of a bruised ego. Still got in the full 10 miles, and felt strong and happy .

Back home the dog (who does not go on the long GOG runs, too much time on a leash) nudged at my knee . He stared up as if commenting on my clumsiness, and indicating if he was there things would have been different. He's probably right.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the Holiday. Thank you to all the veterans and Armed Forces members for your service. You are appreciated.



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