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A Lesson from the Peak

Running the Pikes Peak Ascent can never be taken for granted.  I consider myself to be in pretty good shape.  Although I haven’t spent really anytime on Barr Trail this year, I have been training for the various events I have on my calendar.  I have done Pikes Peak many times before, so knew what to expect going into the Ascent.  What I didn’t anticipate is having to travel for work the week leading up to the race and then coming down with a cold.  I definitely wasn’t feeling great on race…


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Get Out the Door

When life gets you down, it is hard to get out the door but it always seems to be better with a run.  Sometimes the struggles of day-to-day life is a little overwhelming.  I too struggle with trying to balance…


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The Cowbell Makes You Faster!

It’s true!  I had absolutely nothing in my legs for the Second Leg of the Triple Crown of Running, the Summer Roundup Trail Run, but as I came around for the end of the first loop in Bear Creek Park on Sunday I heard the ringing of a cowbell and a familiar voice shouting out “Come on Dave, the cowbell makes you…


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Training while Traveling

I'm not the best at keeping up with training while traveling.  I travel pretty regularly for work and at times find it hard to get in a good workout.  The hotels usally do have pretty fitness rooms, but swimming is probably the hardest as the hotel pools aren't really conducive for laps.  Biking is almost as tough,…


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Here comes the Summer Round Up Trail Run!

It always amazes me how fast these races sneak up on you once the season begins.  The first leg of the Triple Crown of Running is in the books and just when you thought you could take a breather, BAM!, here comes the Summer Round Up Trail Run.  Each of the Triple Crown races present their own unique challenges whether it be the distance, the course, or just your own personal challenges.

According to the Summer Round Up…


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Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood....Uh, Garden!

The Garden of the Gods is such a spectacular place to run and a perfect way to kick-off the Triple Crown of Running!  Thanks to Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc. for putting on such a well-organized event, as well as, the Pikes Peak Road Runners for their support and timing, all the high school track/cross country teams that manned the aid stations in the Aid Station Challenge, the Colorado Running Company and all the sponsors, and of…


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Clearly I’m just a runner…….I think

Having been lucky enough to “win” a lottery slot in this year’s Leadville Trail 100 MTB race in August, I thought I would go over to Leadville to get a training ride in.  Besides, it is beautiful over there!

My buddy, Warren, and I started out off County Road 9 to head up St. Kevin’s which is about 3 miles from the starting line.  The first couple miles were…


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Definition of a Retread

Yep, I’m the Mighty Marmot “retread” this year and wear that label proudly.  I missed the team photo sadly, but I am once again thrilled to be a part of the PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runner Team and associated with this group of runners.  I’m also thankful to Tim and PikesPeakSports.us, and Ron and PikesPeakMarathon.org for the opportunity.  With all that…


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The "Doubler"

The Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon are in the books.  Compared to the monsoons we had been having leading up to race weekend, couldn’t ask for a better weather.  Although I did hear a couple boomers as I was descending just above Barr Camp on Sunday.  Thoughts came to…


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Taper or Not to Taper?

Normally I would probably start tapering at about this point.  This year, however, hasn’t been a “normal” training year and I don't feel like I've put in the work as in years past.  Two weeks to go until the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon (yes, the Double) and I have yet to get above Barr Camp.  It's probably too little too late, but decided to drive up to the summit to get in a 3-2-1 today.  We knew the Peak did get some snow yesterday evening, but much to our surprise we found an ice rink…


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Mount Washington

I’m back east this week and had some spare time so thought I would take an excursion up to Mount Washington.  I really didn’t know a lot about the place other than it’s the Northeast’s highest peak and many of the local elite runners head there at the beginning of June each year to compete in the Mount Washington Road Race.  I now understand why they run up the auto road and not the trails!

Before heading up, I did do a little searching on the web and found some brief descriptions on…


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XTERRA Colorado Series Concludes

Most local runners are familiar with the two XTERRA events down in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, the XTERRA Marathon of Trail Races (42K/21K/5K) in the Fall each year and the XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain Trail Run (24K/12K/5K) in the Spring.  But did you know that XTERRA actually runs a trail run series nationwide?  The two CMSP races are actually part of the Colorado Series. …


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What a great week!

The week started off with a solid finish at…


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Summer Roundup is Here!

The Summer Roundup is probably the lesser known of the three races that comprise the Triple Crown of Running.  As indicated on my profile for the 2013 PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners Team page, I consider the Summer Roundup a bonus race sandwiched in between the Garden of the Gods 10-Miler and Pikes Peak.  Although I have run the Summer Roundup course a few times over…


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Guilty Run

It’s Thursday, so our small group headed up the Incline like we do most every Thursday throughout the year.  This time, however, was with heavy hearts.  We paused at the top of the Incline to look out over the city.  Normally this is such a beautiful site as the sun is coming up over the horizon.  Today, not so much.  Smoke covered the entire front range and you could see smoke billowing up in the Black Forest where the fire is still burning.  Conversation of the morning of course focused on…


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Are we ever really satisfied with our race results?

After every race, I tend to go over things in my mind and analyze what if anything I could’ve done differently or better to improve my time.  But at the end of the day, what does it really matter?  I’m not an elite runner and consider myself a weekend warrior when it comes to running, although I do think for the most part I put in some decent results.  So even if I had pushed a little harder up that hill and finished a couple minutes faster, I still wouldn’t have been in the money.  I…


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Why do you run?

We all have our own reasons we run.   For some it’s to get in shape or lose some of those excess pounds.  For others it’s to relieve stress or serves as our therapy.  While others, it’s purely the competition.  For me it has been a combination of all of those things.  Lately though, because of some nagging injuries, I’ve found myself thinking about this topic a bit more.  And then I came across a story of a friend that really put everything back into perspective for me.

Laurie just…


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Are We Lucky or What?!

We are pretty fortunate to have Pikes Peak as our playground right in our own backyard. 

We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful sight when out for an early morning run?!

Our usual Thursday Incline turned into a Friday Incline this week with the rain yesterday.  I know, pretty wimpy right?   Although it was a little hazy over the city, a great…


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And so it begins……or “Usual Suspects” Part Duex

I’d like to start my blog by acknowledging a few bloggers from the previous teams.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about Brandon’s adventures over this past two years.  From the monthly Pikes Peak summits, to Incline-athon, Stationary Elliptical Marathon, and most recently on his amazing finish in Fruita despite being “untrained.”  Brandon’s blogs keep me motivated to keep getting out there.  I’ve also enjoyed reading JT’s blogs, mainly because they make me laugh and remind me not to take…


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