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Hello Quinnian’s!


Get ready for our annual Halloween Fun Run on the 31st!!!!


Joining us this week at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant:

- Boulder Running Company

- JQRC Merchandise Table

- 3rd Annual UCCS Trek the Trail 5k (https://www.uccs.edu/bethel/trek-the-trail/trail-map.html)

- Bear Fun Run


Upcoming Events & Guests @ JQRC through 28 November 2017:                                                                                                                              

- Boulder Running Company

- JQRC Merchandise Table

- 24OCT Bear Fun Run

- 31OCT JQRC Halloween Run


Running Quote of the Day:

“Running tests my endurance, and my patience. But more important, it has been a constant reminder that I can push myself harder than I’d ever dreamed.”

– Krysten Chambrot, on training for the NYC Marathon as an amputee.

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