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  • Bern Stairs

    Bern Stairs 0:16

    One of the stair descents in the Bern race. The riders were contending with the heavy thunderstorm,… Ryan Kohler Jan 8, 2012 63 views

  • Bern Climb 2

    Bern Climb 2 0:49

    Another video of riders coming up the wet climb in Bern. Both the stairs going up and coming down p… Ryan Kohler Jan 8, 2012 48 views

  • Bern Climb

    Bern Climb 0:21

    Riders climbing one of the hills at an evening event in downtown Bern, Switzerland. US juniors were… Ryan Kohler Jan 8, 2012 24 views

  • Kirchzarten City Sprints

    Kirchzarten City Sprints 0:21

    Racers went off 6 at a time (most of the time) in downtown Kirchzarten, Germany. This was an evenin… Ryan Kohler Jan 8, 2012 25 views

  • Palmer Park fun

    Palmer Park fun 0:33

    my group of junior riders working on a steep climb in Palmer Park. It took a lot of tries but Coult… Ryan Kohler Jun 18, 2010 104 views

  • Palmer Park

    Palmer Park 0:32

    campers riding around in Palmer Ryan Kohler Jun 18, 2010 100 views

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