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I originally posted this on my blog, pedestrianrunner.blogspot.com, but I thought I would share here as well. I hope you enjoy this!


Howdy all! I am excited to tell you guys all about my latest race, The Platte River Half Marathon in Littleton, CO. The race started at 9a so I didn't have to get up too early to make the drive. I started the day with a shower. Normally, I don't do that before a race because I am just going to sweat anyway. But the shower really woke me up and that was good since I was making the drive on my own. Yea, my husband did not make the trip this time so no pics. I left about 7:20 but had to hit Starbucks first. Another change for me but mmm so good. I got to the race at about 8:15. After several diversions and detours on the trip. I was certain I was going to get lost but it all worked out. I found a great parking place and went to get my packet. A nice little jaunt up to packet pickup and back served as my warm up. Then it was off to the porta-potty. The line was long but moved very quickly! Thank goodness because it was close to race time! I lined up with the 10:00/mile group and was ready to go. The sun was shining and it was getting warm so I am glad that I wore the running skirt and short sleeved short. I would have been warm otherwise.

I will lay out the race splits now:
1 mile-I missed the first mile marker so I don't know what my split was here. I guess I was too enthralled by the crowds. There was one runner who looked exactly like my cousin from the back so I got caught up in thinking about my family.
2 mile-18:40 for the first and second miles. I was very happy with that. I was feeling good. I had no leg pains and I was breathing comfortably. Awesome!
3 mile-9:22 Oh yea, I can keep this going.
4 mile-9:29 I am doing great so far.
5 mile-9:26 Wow, I am being pretty consistent but I am starting to tire.
6 mile-9:47 Yep, I am getting tired and my quads are killing me! But I have to continue to move. My legs are going to feel a lot worse in Kansas so I need to prep for that.
7 mile-10:03 Okay, if I can keep this up I am going to PR. I really need to work on endurance. I want to keep my splits in the 9:30s.
8 mile-10:43 Yea, I am feeling pretty bad right now. My quads and my hip are both hurting.
9 mile-12:02 Damn, I had to walk so of this mile I need to get back on track!
10 mile-11:40 That is a little bit better but I have got to get faster. Run! Run!
11 mile-11:32 You are doing better but now comes that damn hill!
12 mile-11:22 You are almost done keep moving and you will get that PR! And it will be at elevation.
13 mile-11:56 Please please point me to the end.

Chip Time: 2:17:12. YES, that is a PR by about 4 mins and it was done at elevation. I am so happy with this race. I am completely confident now that I am going to get to 2 hours soon. I just know it and I am going to train and make it happen!

After the race I met some new people and that was really awesome. I also ran into a blogger from Denver. She writes a great blog and I saw her on multiple occasions cheering us on. That was really great! And if she happens to read my blog, Sonja, I was the one yelling that I love your blog.

Here are some other details from the race.
Gun Time - 2:18:03
Chip Time - 2:17:12,
Pace - 10:32
Division Place (40-44) - 93/134
Gender Place - 588/917
Overall Place - 1131/ 1546

Now is time for recovery time. I am going to spend more time at the pool for the next couple of days and hope that the ITB calms down.

Until later keep running, riding and swimming!

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Comment by Brian McCarrie on April 14, 2010 at 9:02pm
Hey, great report Christi and congratulations on your PR! Thanks for posting this here on PikesPeakSports!
Comment by Pikes Peak Sports on April 13, 2010 at 8:50pm
This is a great race report Christi!! Thanks a million for sharing it here! Love the mile splits. Keep rocking! You can get that 2-hour mark.

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