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Doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors do the body work. Nutritionists help us to eat well. Tell us about the people, routines, food and recipes that keep your motor running. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to enter your story/photos.
  • Want a little more than a 5K? 5 mile trail race and a whole-body health talk by Dr. James Wiley!

    It's not an adventure race, we give you that, but this WILL get you ready for an awesome spring, summer and fall in our lovely mountains! Check out this mountain foothill race:Join us on a 5 mile trail course in beautiful Bear Creek Regional Park West.  You will course next to a creek, on winding…

    By Journey Racing

  • New yoga website, magazine bringing salutations to Southern Colorado

    From Jen Mulson, Marmapoints Managing EditorMarmapoints is a quarterly magazine and daily website published by the Smokebrush Foundation. We are devoted to promoting yoga and wellness in our…

    By Tim Bergsten

  • Put Your Sports Nutrition Skills to the Test!

    Hey Gals and Guys,One of the most difficult things to master in adventure racing is proper fueling and hydration on the go. Not enough fuel, and you'll bonk. Too much fuel or water, and you'll puke. Not enough water, and you won't even finish the race. With up to 14 hours of endurance activity in…

    By Big Mountain Adventure Racing

  • Metabolic Efficiency

    Just wanted to let you all know that starting today I'm doing a personal Metabolic Efficiency "study."  If any of you attended Bob Seebohar's clinic at Bicycle Village last month, you know what I'm talking about. If you didn't make it there, it's all explained in my summary post from last…

    By Nicole Odell

  • Nutrition for Healty, Active Bodies

    Everyone knows how important it is to eat the right kind of foods and get all the proper nutrition, especially if you are as active as we all are. Running, hiking, biking...all of that creates stress on our body. The other part of enjoying all of those activities is eating proper nutrition.…

    By Kim Gingrich

  • UCCS Peak Nutrition Clinic

    I just got this from Pikes Peak Sports member Kelly Ping so I thought I would share with everyone. A great resource for the community for your nutrition needs (not just sports nutrition, but they do that too!) I've attached the brochure. And I'm going to throw this out here because I think it is…

    By Nicole Odell