• Climb Pikes Peak

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    All the details, trip reports, pictures and epic stories of climbing Pikes Peak, our 14,115-foot mountain of love. Never climbed America's Mountain? This is the place to start! Click "START DISCUSSION" to enter your stories/photos.

  • Health & Nutrition

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    Doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors do the body work. Nutritionists help us to eat well. Tell us about the people, routines, food and recipes that keep your motor running. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to enter your story/photos.

  • Hiking/14ers

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    From Palmer Park to Barr Trail, Cheyenne Canyon to the Garden of the Gods, we're very lucky to have this network of trails. Post your photos and tell us about your adventures. Click "START DISCUSSION" to your stories/photos.

  • Mountain Biking

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    Are we lucky or what? Captain Jacks, The Chutes, Falcon Trail, Palmer Park, leg-breaking climbs, hair-on-fire descents and everything between. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to share stories and photos about mountain biking in the Pikes Peak Region.

  • News and Features

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    CLICK HERE TO WRITE YOUR STORY It's 6 a.m. in The Garden of the Gods and you have the place to yourself. Whether you take to the road or crush some granite, we're all about running around here. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to post your stories, blogs and photos.

  • Road Cycling

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    This group is for roadies of all abilities. Tell us about your favorite places to ride, your training, or the tour you just completed. Share info/photos about group rides and gear. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to post your stories/photos.

  • The Incline

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    A mile long, 1,900 ft. elevation gain. It lures us in, then breaks our legs and burns our lungs. Click START DISCUSSION to write your story and add photos. Post your best time, name and age in the comment box. We'll add you to our Incline Honor Roll.

  • Triathlon

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    Tell your stories, share training plans, find training partners. Tell us about your race and share your photos. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to enter your stories/photos.