The Incline

A mile long, 1,900 ft. elevation gain. It lures us in, then breaks our legs and burns our lungs. Click START DISCUSSION to write your story and add photos. Post your best time, name and age in the comment box. We'll add you to our Incline Honor Roll.
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  • Eric Singleton

    Eric singleton 31 Ascent 40:03 RT 1:03:17
  • Betty Schaefer

    Last year we were here visiting..I was 67..the altitude was hard…I did it in 49 minutes…Today ( July 20, 2017)back here visiting again and I was 5 weeks out of toe out of my “boot” a week and a half ago and tried it…tough…I was disappointed that it took me 67 minutes!! No endurance training for some time …At 68 though I am happy I can do this :-)

  • Betty Schaefer

    I made a mistake on my post on July 24, 2017.  My 1st  Incline I did in August of 2015 with a time of 40:48 NOT 49 minutes at the age of 66!!  I was in much better shape for sure then!!  Today at 68 I did it in 58 minutes...9 minutes faster than on the 20th!!!  This will probably be my last time since we are leaving on Friday.  What a greatchallenge this Incline is :-)