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Hey all, I am a travel and biking hound (I get grumpy if I don't ride nearly every day) and wanted to share any travel advice and experiences that I can with the community.

Check out our site: http://www.schmeister.com/BMZTravels/

We have spent significant time in Europe and various locations within North America. If you are looking for a place to go or some advice on what to do while there, we have done the planning many times and would be glad to help. This year alone, we have already spent 45 days in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Austria, U.K.) and have not rented a car once. All travel has been by rail, walking/hiking, canoe, and some biking, and 33 days of that has been at B&B's and gîte's, only 12 days in hotels.

On our next trip to Europe, I want to increase the amount of time traveled by bike, and decrease the amount by rail. We have also spent some time working with different people throughout Europe in preparation for this upcoming biking trip.

I am still updating the site (and it has not been proof read by my wife), and it still does not completely contain our European trip from 2008, and I
still have the 2010 trips to add. So I apologize in advance to any incomplete pages and grammatical errors.



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