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Thursday is UpaDowna Incline Happy Hour!

Via Robert Mitchell (Bunny), UpaDowna Blogger

It’s Thursday, do you know what that means? If you answered “UpaDowna Incline Happy Hour”, you’re a winner! To claim your prize meet Yeti, Redfern, or Bunny at the top of the Incline this evening.
Start time is 5 p.m.


Even if you’re new, don’t be intimidated! This is self-paced, you can stop whenever you want. I’ll even go step by step with you, if you need/want encouragement. Once all parties have completed the ascent, we
enjoy a traditional celebratory toast together (so bring a beer).


Proper gear is a must! I suggest a poncho (or something water resistant), light jacket, light pack (so you’re hands free), water bottle (or combine the last two with a Camelpak), good shoes, and most importantly you’re own beer, or two if you want to pop one halfway with Yeti.


Join us at Kinfolks afterward to discuss future plans, activities, upcoming events, and most importantly cold refreshing beers!


We have a whopping 4 pint glasses left ($8 ea.), but I don’t plan on having any as of tomorrow. No worries though, another shipment is on the way. Our inventory will soon also include official UpaDowna: beer
koozies, breathable shirts, under layers, t-shirts, hoodies, beanies,
hats, visors, and last but not least the stylish limited edition
Arete/Upadowna hybrid shirts, created by Arete Clothing.
For all you non-locals, we are currently in the process of adding
online purchases via our website! So you too can soon have all the
apparel and accessories you need to totally kick ass!

For a sneak peek at the new shirt designs please visit Arete’s Facebook page or Upadowna’s. Speaking of the UpaDowna Facebook group page, I would like to personally thank all of you for getting the word out. We are now 542 members strong, great job folks! Visit the
page often for upcoming events, and announcements. It’s your group
page, keep telling your friends, add pictures, videos, stories of your
adventures, plan trips, etc. We want your input and involvement.

We are currently also in the works of adding more content to our YouTube channel. A place to see gear put to the test, our adventures, and random fun.

Thanks for you support, we look forward to seeing you!

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