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Wednesday August 6 2008, Edgar Juarez (better known as E.J.) and Jayson Kilroy were doing what they loved to do best, riding their bikes, when there lives were tragically cut short.

While driving her truck with a restricted license, under the influence of prescription drugs, and without her corrective lenses required for driving, Barbra Thomas took a left hand turn onto Westend
Avenue from 26th Street, hitting the two cyclists. The two men were
pronounced dead at the scene form multiple fractures and trauma.

In June 2009 Barbra Thomas was convicted of Vehicular Manslaughter charges. She was given what I would consider a light slap on the wrist, a 3 year sentence. After serving only 13 months she will be up for
parole May 12.

Our Cyclist Community is asking for your help to keep this convicted killer behind bars.

You can contact the Parole Board at:

vsu@doc.state.co.us Reference: Barbara J Thomas DOC number: 146396 ATTN: State of Colorado - Parole Board & Chairman Michaud

for more information on their story and others like theirs please visit the GHOSTBIKES website.

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Comment by Brian McCarrie on April 29, 2010 at 6:11pm
Thanks for posting this Randi, email sent.

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