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    Do you remember when your childhood t-ball team was sponsored by a local pizza place? They'd provide money for team uniforms and, in turn, you'd have the end-of-year party at their establishment. They'd support you. You'd support them. It was win-win and everybody loved it.

     Well, the Brewers' Cup is kind of like that, just with running and alcohol. After 2 months and 18 different events, this simple idea has erupted into a heated contest involving 17 local breweries, 2 distilleries, and 285 thirsty runners. Basically, each local beer/spirit provider sponsors a team of 15 individuals. Teams earn points when their members sport their brewery's kit at various Pikes Peak Road Runner events. After each event, points are tallied but the winner isn't ultimately declared until the end of the year. To up the stakes, precious additional points are awarded for fast running and for volunteering. Also, it's kind of an unwritten rule, but trash talking is highly encouraged. 

     Peter Maksimow, Alex Nichols, and I (all members of the Manitou Brewing Company Team) have been asked to chronicle the glory of this inaugural contest. Using our sweet, sweet film making skills we plan to share with you an intriguing tale of HOPE and HOPS, of SWEAT and SUDS, and of SPIRIT and SPIRITS. Our aim is to distill the personalities of each brewery as the dramatic tension brews among the runners.

     The finished product won't drop until December, but just like any fermented beverage, good things happen to those who wait. Whether you're a part of the Brewers' Cup or not, you won't want to miss the film that has Roger Beerburt saying: "It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you run. But most of all, it will make you really want a drink!"

Here's an exclusive sneak peak of the film...

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