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So there I was, just putting one foot in front of the other, minding my own business on some trail when BAM it hits me - THE MOST AMAZING THOUGHT EVER.  Suddenly, life made sense.  Or at least, whatever it was I was trying to figure out suddenly made sense.  So, I put the thought just behind the forefront of my other thoughts, cataloged for later use.

Whaddyaknow...up and over and around a few more bends, hills, nooks, crannies, and suddenly I have yet ANOTHER revelation.  I'M GENIUS!

Of course, I have completely forgotten my first thought.  I've even forgotten that I've forgotten it.

When I get home, I feel amazing.  Refreshed.  Recharged.  High on endorphins - what a run!  So excited to share my newfound knowledge, insights, wisdom with anyone who will listen.  And then it hits me...

I have NO idea what I wanted to say.  But I know it was awesome.  It must have been, because I still feel the buzz from the run.  No worries; I'm ready to take on the world now.

And so it goes nearly every time we hit the trails.  It's not about the solutions that come to us while we run.  It's about the process of thinking while we're in our "good places".  I suppose many people run for health or appearance or vanity.  I run for sanity.  

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Comment by Brianne Pierson on May 18, 2014 at 1:50pm

Ditto on running for sanity. It's meditative for me so I let go of thoughts that pop in my head when I run. No epiphanies happening for me! 

Comment by Tonia Smith on May 16, 2014 at 5:53am
This is so funny. When I am running and contemplating life, I often think, "oh, that is good stuff! I need to write that down!" And then usually promptly forget what it was that was so genius! I need someone to come along with me and take notes ;)

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