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My favorite places to mountain bike in the Springs.

We're so lucky here in the Springs. We've so much great riding and it's so close. The list below is some of my favorite places to ride.

1. The Chutes, Gold Camp Rd., Buckhorn, Capt. Jacks, Gold Camp to the Chutes loop.
By far, my favorite ride in the area. Maybe it's because this was the first big ride I did when I first moved here 16 years ago. Maybe it's because it starts with a killer climb and ends with a hellacious downhill bomb with banked up corners and whoops. Not sure witch but I consider this to be the signature ride in the area.

2. Palmer Park
Again, when I first moved here, I lived in the apartments right next to Palmer so I was riding in there just about everyday. Palmer has some super technical sections and other sections that are super fast. Endless possibilities in this park.

3. Red Rock Canyon Open Space/ Palmer Trail/ Section 16 & Paul Inteman Trail.
I've been riding in here a lot the past few years because it's so close to my house. This is another place with so many possibilities with different combinations of trails. I can do a quick 1 hour loop or an extended all day epic ride starting right in Red Rock Canyon.

4. Falcon Trail at the Air Force Academy
This would probably be my favorite trail if I didn't have to drive to get there. Such a fun loop with a little bit of everything. We're pretty lucky to have this available to ride.

5. Rampart Reservoir
I don't ride up there much, maybe once a year but it's a fun fast ride with rolling terrain.

There are so many other options too. Like Ute Valley Park, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Mt. Herman in Monument and Bear Creek Park.

So where are your favorite places to ride?

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Comment by Tim Bergsten on August 4, 2010 at 8:42am
1. Rampart Reservoir .... just a blast. Great scenery, wildflowers etc... Cruising around the back bays always gives me the feeling of having escaped civilization for a while.
2. Chutes ... My first trip down The Chutes was in 1988. It's still a great thrill coming down, and a nice grind going up.
3. I'm lucky to live about a mile from the Stratton Meadows Open Space (great trails for riding and running), so my standard ride is to jam over to the south parking area/trailhead for Statton, climb up the dirt road to the lake, climb The Chutes, take Gold Camp Rd. to Buckhorn Trail, to the top of High Drive. Back to Gold Camp and home. If I have the time, I'll do Capt. Jacks.
4. I like Gold Camp by itself because it's long, easy to ride and climbs for miles. Once you're past Tunnel No. 3, You basically have the place to yourself. Not a singletrack ride, but an excellent workout.
5. I was not born to be a climber, but I am willing to suffer like a dog, so the back way up High Drive ... beautiful torture. Coming down - or going up - High Dr. I'll catch the Palmer Trail, which is an easy and fun single track. Ride Palmer to the top of Sect. 16 then come back the same way. I don't go down the steep side of Sect. 16...I'm wipe-out prone and I'd rather keep my front teeth.
I also like to run on all these same trails.
Would like to do Palmer, Falcon and other out-of-town trails more often ... but I have some of the best riding anywhere right in here in my backyard.
Comment by Jon Zanone on August 4, 2010 at 6:09am
1. Falcon Trail - We ARE lucky its available to us, and I'm lucky to work on the Academy and ride it whenever I want.
2. Palmer Park - 15 minutes up the hill by bike. 'Nuff said.
3. Bear Creek Park - Not huge, but a great reward when I ride to it from my house.
4. Not really a MTB trail, but all the connecting bike paths in the city. I can get to a path in 10 minutes, and literally ride to just about anywhere in the city.
5. Rampart Range Road - again, not really a trail, but if you want a hill workout its great! I've not ridden it, but it sounds like fun to connect Mt. Herman Road to Rampart Range Road and back to GoG.

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