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As the Ascent is now just a week away, CJ and I decided to get some more high altitude training in before the big day.

CJ heard the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp offered an A-frame you could rent near the Crags.  He booked us a night there last night.  It was rustic but nicer than we expected.  Nice views too.  Plus, we were able to build extra blood cells while we slept at 9,620 feet.

The view...

Hiking the OTHER side of Pike's Peak

After a good night's sleep, we got up and started our hike to the summit of Pike's Peak from the Crag's side.  I have never hiked this trail before and enjoyed the new views.  

It is a steeper climb than the Barr trail and my legs definitely were fatigued by the end.  But, it was another great workout to prepare my body for the Ascent next week.

Good times, good views, good day!

Oh wow...

We did hear some thunder and had some very small hail appear on our way down.  Thankfully, we did not encounter any storms today!

I LOVED hiking by all the water streams...such a peaceful sound!

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