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Manitou Springs, The Incline, Barr Trail and Kinfolks ALL in Backpacker!

Thanks to information provided by the fine folks at UpaDowna, Backpacker Magazine just ran an article about the "Best Hikes To Beer" from around the nation. It should be in the newest edition, August?

Although we are SUPER stoked that they mention our great local hangouts, they failed however to mention where they got the information from and didn't give UpaDowna a shout-out. At least our little town, hike and hangout is NATIONAL! How cool is that?

More information and a link to the article coming soon.

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Comment by Tim Bergsten on June 22, 2010 at 10:20pm
Well, I'll say it...Good job UpaDowna! You should have received props in the article, but you took a hit for the team and for that you get a PikesPeakSports-sized HIGH FIVE!

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