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SUP in the Springs! WIN a new Stand Up Paddleboard!

Whatsup? No, not the head nod, how ya doin’ version of 'sup…but the stand-up on a paddle board version! “SUP” is a term that has recently become popular in the outdoor adventure sport world. According to SUP World Magazine, the activity has been around for thousands of years. In the 1940’s, surf instructors in Hawaii would use paddles and stand on their boards to get a better view of the surfers. It…


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Tips for a Winter Incline Hike

Flashback to 2004. I had met this crazy outdoorsy guy (soon to be my husband of 10 years!) and he thought it would be exciting for us to have a "first…


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Stage 4: An Insider's Guide to viewing the 2014 USA Pro Challenge in COS!

Story by MtnMama of UpaDowna.org

The Colorado Springs community is stoked once again to be a stage in this year's USA Pro Challenge on Thursday, August 21st! Not only are we lucky enough to have…


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The (trail) Torch Is Being Passed...Grab It!

By: MtnMama of UpaDowna.org

A few months ago, I started hearing buzz from our local trail and open space advocacy groups about a new trail that was going to be built. The mountain this trail will be built on has a lot of controversy surrounding it, and has always been known as a…


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Find Your "Happy Place"

Blog post By MtnMama of UpaDowna.org

Ever get that happy-go-lucky, nothing-can-make-me-sad-today feeling? Welcome to your happy place! For me, most of the time, my happy place is in the outdoors. As an athletic woman who enjoys many sports, I was struggling with the "right" kind of happy place. Being an outdoor enthusiast and a co-founder of an outdoor adventure non-profit,…


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Bob's Bash, Inaugural 5k, 9k and 20ish miler

Please come out and join us for an amazing trail race we're calling Bob's Bash! 

“Bob’s Bash” is a true mountain run. This race has all the elements of a great trail run: spectacular views of Pikes Peak at every turn, serious grunts up the East Ridge, speedy single track…


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Manitou Springs, The Incline, Barr Trail and Kinfolks ALL in Backpacker!

Thanks to information provided by the fine folks at UpaDowna, Backpacker Magazine just ran an article about the "Best Hikes To Beer" from around the nation. It should be in the newest edition, August?

Although we are SUPER stoked that they mention our great local hangouts, they failed however to mention where they got the information from and didn't give UpaDowna a shout-out. At least our little town, hike and hangout is NATIONAL! How cool is that?… Continue

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" I Love Fast Women" MtnMama of UpaDowna adds her thoughts about what a "Women- only" race means

And you can too! Currently, The Colorado Running Company is looking for male only volunteers and women only

runners for their July 17th race called the Women’s Distance Festival

5k. It’s the Springs’ ONLY “women only” race. It takes place in lovely… Continue

Added by UpaDowna on June 19, 2010 at 9:59pm — 1 Comment

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