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Long Term goals still in sight, even through the haze of loss

Over the last few years, I have experienced the loss of many people close to me. From family members to former students. The saddest part is that in my life time I have attended more funerals for young people taken too early. The hardest losses have been the losses of my two grandmas, my grandpa, and my mother-in-law.

My Grandma Cherry passed away almost 3 years ago, at the age of 93. She lived with my family through most of my childhood. She helped my parents care for us, came to all our events, and volunteered at our schools. She had a heart of gold and wore her wedding ring until the day she died. She lived without my grandpa for 35 years and never had any interest in finding someone else. My grandpa was her sole mate and she knew she would be with him again.

My Grandma Boe (Mama) just passed away on June 1st, at the age of 90. She was an educator and Mary Kay salesperson until she pursued her dream of design. She started her own company when she was 60 and People Magazine did an article on her and her thriving business, in 1995. She was a single mom after she divorced my grandpa and he died in the years following their divorce. My Mama did not remarry until about 10 years ago. She reconnected with her high school sweet heart. They had not seen each other in 40+ years. It was fun seeing her so happy with Grandpa Larry. Larry passed away October 26th. October 26th is my Mama's birthday and also their wedding anniversary.

My husband's step-mom, Michele, passed away this past fall, as well. She was a fun, vibrant woman who loved her family and yoga. Michele and I would have great conversations every time we saw each other. We also shared our love for yoga. We would get on the floor showing each other new poses we learned or mastered.

Every day I miss all of these people. All of them taught me so much about family, love, hard work, and perseverance.

These members of my family and others have been diagnosed with cancer, Alzheimer's, dementia, MS, strokes, and congenital heart defects. Through all of this I pray to God and lean on the life lessons I have learned from my grandmas, grandpa, Michele, and all my family and friends.

When training gets hard, I remind myself how lucky I am. Days when I find it hard to be motivated to run, I remind myself how lucky I am. 

I may never win another race or even win another age group award, but I am healthy and I have amazing, strong family and friends in my past and in my future.

My eyes are on my goals and you all are in my heart!


From left to right: My Grandma Cherry, Grandpa Larry, and Mama!

My Grandpa and Grandma Cherry

Grandma Boe's People Magazine Article


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