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Life is cutting into RUNNING – Moving homes Memorial Day weekend cuts into Triple Crown Training

I like to run at least 5 days a week and this week has been a mess with MOVING homes.  Dave and I did find time on Sunday – or I should say we made time.  Dave lives in Mountain Shadows which means Mountains/hills/slopes on the way back no matter what.  We ran down to Ute Valley Park which I love and don’t run there enough.  There really are some pretty good climbs that are peak-ish I’d say.   Great training for the Pikes Peak Ascent which is just months away.   There is one climb with a lot of false summits over and over again that I’d highly recommend especially if you run with some water, which I did not on this particular day.  Typically we run in the dark at 5 a.m. which means it is cool outside.  I was certain it was 90 degrees outside, but the car later said 69 I think.  I am sure my thermostat in my car is actually broken.  When you run at 5 a.m. even for 2 hours you really can make it without water – or at least I believe that I have trained myself to not need it. Ha!  I will say however, that every time I thought I would pass out from heat exhaustion mother nature blew just enough wind my way to survive the next 8 minutes or so.  Then of course the big challenge at the end – the mile up I’d guess up Flying W Ranch Road.  Needless to say I was not flying.  I was committed as usual to not walking if at all possible.  On the way down I noted the bikes barely moving as they ascended and I knew I’d be doing the same in a few hours.  That long climb is great Garden of the Gods training which is 12 days away.  If you’ve read any of my blogs then you know that I LOVE the GARDEN.  But I still get nervous about the race.  Last year I placed in my age group only thanks to my boyfriend, running buddy for years and now Marmot team mate.  He goes into super coach mode when he thinks I can place in my age group.  I don’t know about this year, after today I am surely not feeling very speedy.  I am feeling like I need to work on heat and hydration and hills of course.  Off to unpack some more………

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Comment by David Mulligan on June 1, 2016 at 6:33am

Since I can't place in my age group and I know you can, might as well root for you!

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