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Kids eat veggies? Get them started early!

About a year ago, my husband and a friend of his started a small organic garden on my parent's ranch south of Fountain. Since then, it's become a 16-member CSA that grows over 20 different types of veggies and fruits.

Being a part of that has brought many changes to our life. We have moved from our mountain playground in Green Mountain Falls, to the plains. Another change I've noticed is our 2 year old son. When we would include lettuce and other store-bought greens from the store, he was reluctant to touch them, let alone EAT them. After seeing his father working in the green house and being a part of growing seeds into strong, beautiful and tasty plants...he is eating the greens and veggies right out of the field.

Last night was amazing. I had chopped some fresh mixed greens from the garden for our toppings on our burger and as I chopped...they disappeared. I looked over the counter, and there was my 2 year old chomping away at them! Not only was he eating the fresh greens, he was making a "yummmm" sound while rubbing his belly! It was the cutest thing ever!

Now whenever we eat salad from a bag (ick) or at a restaurant, the first thing he asks is "did daddy grow this?"

Point being...kids can learn (and should always know) where their food comes from. If they are a part of the planting and growing process then they are much more likely to eat it!

Please feel free to contact us about more CSA information or for educational trips to the farm!


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Comment by Randi Hitchcock on March 29, 2010 at 10:21pm
Thanks for the comment! We'll try our best to update the nutrition section with some recipes using fresh garden veggies! Also, look for our fresh veggies for sale at Home Grown on Tejon (Mondays) and Heritage Farmer's Market on Saturdays at Cheyenne Mtn. Jr High.
Comment by Pikes Peak Sports on March 26, 2010 at 10:05am
This is awesome because the inclusion of all the fitness-community elements, especially food and nutrition, is key to the success of PikesPeakSports.us. The fitness community and the food/nutrition community are natural partners. Because of that, we really appreciate this post. With this blog about locally grown veggies on Dragon Fly Farm - by folks who are runners and riders - the connection comes to life in a very real way. Best of the luck to the running/riding/farming Hitchcock family. And major props to you for the lessons you're passing on to your son!!

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