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Hitting the August training/running/racing wall.  The Ascent is this month and struggling to want to train enough to get myself up the big hill.  Last weekend I was in Leadville with Dave, for his 3 day – 100 mile bike race.  While he rode I ran.  I ran 2 hours each day and I’d say pretty much uphill for a good chunk of it.  I felt overall pretty darn strong, but this week feeling like a slug.  In fact I am writing this blog to push my Sunday morning run off farther.  Where is Dave?  He’s off running a 20K X-terra race in Castle Rock, where I could be, but just couldn’t fathom that today. 

Running is like life in so many ways.  Ups and Downs. Good and Bad, or just OK days.  Days where you feel motivated to tackle the world.  Days where you feel overwhelmed by all the yard work, light bulbs out and laundry.  One thing is for certain however, when you get about 8 minutes into the run you feel good and you are glad you are there doing it.  So I better shut down this brief blog and go do just that!  

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