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What did you do to celebrate National Running Day?

I celebrated the day by going on a run. It was a beautiful morning and I was lucky to enjoy it on a nice, peaceful EASY 3 miles! My daughter has swim practice near Palmer Park, so I ran from her practice into Palmer Park.

My blogs will continue with the theme of "Finding Balance", and I will share my struggles, my triumphs and people that have helped me along the way. 

While I was running through Palmer Park, I decided I would share my experience with various running communities. I believe it fits with the celebration of National Running Day.

Through my10s of thousands of miles, over the years, I have been a part of many sub-sections of the running community. 

  1. Challenger Middle School track team
  2. Rampart High School cross country and track teams
  3. University of Colorado at Boulder cross country and track teams
  4. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs cross country and track teams
  5. The high school level cross country and track teams I have coached
  6. The Women's Fit Team
  7. HART 
  8. 3 different relay teams through the Mountains!
  10. Brewers Cup - Pikes Peak Brewery
  11. Now...the Mighty Marmots
  12. Also...along the way all the groups of individuals that tolerated running with me ;)

It amazed me to think about all of the courageous, tough, but extremely caring people I have had the pleasure to know and call teammates and friends, over the past 28 years!! (WOW! I am older than I thought!) 

Although the people changed, one thing never changed. That was the support you can always count on. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are, if you have been running all your life or just started, it doesn't matter if you run 5Ks or 100 milers. It doesn't matter if you have to step back from running due to injury, save your marriage, having a baby, move away or life stress, runners are always glad to see you again. You are greeted with smile and a "Hello", and yes some of us are HUGGERS! We are always there to support one another.

This support is shown in many ways and all are important!

Casual support - demonstrated by the simple wave and "Hi" (if you can breath) along a trail or race course. Although this is usually not a very deep relationship, the support many of you have shown me or I have seen in races, is phenomenal. In 2013, I was running ADT Marathon and I was super fit. My goal was to win the race. Instead I was 6th, but I also broke my foot at mile 6. As people caught me through the race, I can't even tell you how many people offered support (partly because I don't remember a lot of the race). All of these people had their own goals, but they showed true humanity checking on me, walking with me, etc.

Professional support - those that are paid to encourage you, but you know they are not there for the money (coaches, race directors, etc.).

Teammate support - This is the highest level of support because these people hold you accountable, you run with regularly, and you can count on each other for additional support outside of running (i.e. dog sitting!!)

So, you are probably asking yourself what does this have to do with balance.Well, I will tell you. It is the various communities that I have been a part of that remind me work-life balance is extremely important. I love listening/reading the stories of others that enjoy running, time with their family, are successful at work and/or chasing their dreams. A lot of these conversations happen during runs.

Some of my running teammates (friends) know more about me than many of my other friends. I try to be the best Running Teammate I can be by sharing my stories whether it be about struggles or triumph. I help them whenever I can, but some of my teammates will tell you that I can talk your ear off on a run, especially when I am a bit more fit!!

If you do not have a running group (Teammate Support), find someone, or some group to run with on a regular basis. We are lucky, here in Colorado Springs, it is easy to find groups whether you meet some people at a race or go to any of the local restaurant/store weekly running groups.Enjoy being healthy (physically and emotionally)!!

Below are a few pictures of my most recent TEAMS!

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