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Garden of the Gods 10 miler TOMORROW!!!!

How many of you are running this amazing race, in one of the most beautiful parks in the United States of America?

I am, I am! This is one of my favorite running events. I only run my favorite races more than once. The challenge and beauty of the Garden of the Gods 10 miler always brings me back. I ran GOG several times through high school and 3 times after I had my two children. Below are my times, after being a mom. 

2010 - 1:29.59

2013 - 1:13.56

2015 - 1:20.45

I had my children in October 2007 and November 2009. As you can see my times are significantly different each time I ran the GOG 10 miler. The 2010 time was 7 months after my son's birth. The previous 2.5 months, before he was born, I was on bed-rest because he really wanted to come early. When the time came that it was safe for him to come, he decided he was comfortable. I was induced and  a while later the doctor decided I was going to have a C-section. I was extremely lucky, with the births of both my children, they were both born healthy and strong!

In 2012-2013, training and racing were both going very well, but my family life was struggling due to the amount of time it took to train outside of work.

2015, was a decent year for training, but life balance was much stronger and I had just got a new job.

So, when you look at my times you probably have a variety of thoughts going through your head, or maybe you don't. I know I do.

As I sit here, excited about my race tomorrow, I still struggle with how do I balance my expectations for myself, the perceived or real expectations of others, and reality. I think all of us go through these thoughts in various aspects of our lives, especially in areas where, in the past, we feel we were very successful.

Expectations for myself: Run hard, push myself, win my age group, finish in the top 10 of all women.

Perceived expectations from others: She has always been a runner, she has great times, she should do very well. Win age group, top 20 overall.

Actual expectations from others: Honestly probably NONE!!! No one cares how I place or my time. I know many people care about me, support me and love me. But, they don't love and support me because of my times and/or place in a race. They love and support me, because I do the same for them and I am kind. Most of you are probably thinking, "Of course, everyone knows that!". Unfortunately, for me, most of my life I have defined myself on who I was as a runner. Defining myself as a fast runner and thinking that was WHO I was, caused me injuries and depression, several times over the years. It has been freeing to grow and know that running is my hobby and it is something I really enjoy, with my friends and kids, but running is not WHO I am.

My Goals, My REALITY for tomorrow:

1. Have fun!

2. Run hard, push my body!

3. Finish strong!

4. Stay healthy!

And guess what, I am so happy and excited for tomorrow! See you out there! I will be wearing lucky number 991!!!!

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