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This past weekend I completed that first unofficial attack pack double in 14 hours and 12 minutes.  I say unofficial because it is something I made up in my mind while on a Tuesday morning run with the attack pack.  The midnight pony (15 mile run around Rampart Reservoir at night) was coming up and Ramsey said that before hitting the trail he would of already biked a bunch of miles and swam as well.  He knew he was going to be tired but was still going to do the run.  I then said I was debating on the midnight pony since I was planning on completing the Pikes Peak Ascent the next day.  That is when I had the idea of the attack pack double.  It was genius, to me, but everyone else I brought the idea up to thought I was crazy!

The attack pack double is the Midnight Pony and Pikes Peak Ascent.  To track your time clock when you start running the midnight pony and stop your time when you complete the pikes peak ascent.  In my case I started the midnight pony at 9:26 pm Saturday night and completed the ascent at 11:38 am on Sunday. Both trails combined is roughly 27 miles.

Saturday started off converting our mini van into a camper.  I needed somewhere to sleep after running the midnight pony and did not feel like bringing a tent and trying to set it up early in the morning after completing the run. Mini vans are awesome since you can remove the middle row seats and the back seats fold down flush with the floor.  Sleeping in the van would give me extra sleep since I was going to start the ascent at 7:00 am.  I was able to get to sleep at about 1:15 am.  If I had drove home, I am guessing that I would of got in bed sometime around 2:30 am.  Then to wind down and fall asleep would of been around 3:00 am.  So by sleeping in the van I gained sleep.  

My alarm goes off Sunday morning at 5:30 am.  I am not wanting to get up and finally get moving about 5:45 am.  Once I was dressed and had finished bathroom duties I was on the road to Memorial Park in Manitou Springs at 6:00 am.  I was planning on eating before I left, but my mind and body were not in the mood to eat, so I decided to wait until I got to the park.  I arrived to the park about 6:30 am. I got some water boiling for coffee and I am in the mood to eat.  While eating and drinking my coffee I am also packing my pack.  I put that thing on and felt like a pack mule.  It was my first time really loading it up.  I had a hydration pack, two water bottles, two mashed potato burritos, peanuts and m&m mix, gloves, winter hat and a light jacket and a couple of GU energy gels.  7:00 am comes.  I check in with the Incline Club and take off. Four hours and thirty eight minutes later I arrive to the top of Pikes Peak and stop my time.  

People said that I was crazy for wanting to do something like this. I did not think I was crazy, I was thinking what a story I am going to get to tell over time. I had some tourist at the top of Pikes Peak say I was crazy for hiking up the mountain.  He had no idea what I had already accomplished before hitting the trail. I did not say anything back to him as he would not understand why I did hike the mountain.  Also with the lack of oxygen it would of took me to long to even come back with a response. My intention with this whole adventure was just to challenge myself.  Could I do it?  Would I fail? What is my body capable of? I now know what I am capable of.

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