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2017 Pikes Peak Ascent is Almost Here!

Wow how time flies.  I can't believe that the Ascent is just two and half weeks away.  Actually I can believe it. 

I started training for the Pikes Peak Ascent in December of 2016.  Why so early you ask? I started my running career in January of 2016 and weighing 206 lbs. January to December I made huge strides in improving my running and getting into shape losing 26 lbs.  However I was primarily running flat terrain and not very much trail. I knew I had a ton of training to do to be ready to complete the Ascent without killing myself.  I also wanted to lose another 20 lbs.

Fast forward to today and I have lost another 10 lbs.  I am not at 160, but at 170.  170 is just where my body wants to be and I am happy with that. Maybe I will lose those last 10 lbs on race day. 

I took some time to reflect on where my training has brought me.  I vividly remember my first run from Memorial Park up Barr Trail.  Ruxton was so steep!  I had to walk so much.  When I hit the switch backs I was walking even more and was out of breath.  My goal was just to make it to the top of the W's.  I made it to the top of the W's in 64 minutes.  Now to be on pace to make my goal of completing the Ascent in 4 hours, I needed to be at the top of the W's in 48 minutes. Tonight I ran from Memorial Park to the top of the W's and did not need to walk on Ruxton.  I still walk the switch backs but only when my right arm points down hill.  So yes that mean I run the switchbacks when my left arm is down hill.  I made it to the top of the W's in 41 minutes.  I shaved 23 minutes off my original time.  Can that be real?  I can believe it because of all the work I have put in, but at the same time it just baffles me.  

My training for the Ascent is almost complete.  This weekend will be my last big training weekend.The Saturday before the race I am running the Woodland Park Mayors Cup 10k, but will be taking it easy. However training really never ends.  In September I am running the ADT Marathon and call me crazy I have signed up for the Sage Burner 50k in October. Look forward to seeing everyone at the race and out on the trail.  #iRun4TheFunOfIT   

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