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My oldest daughter and I are doing the Tough Mudder - has anyone done it before here in Colorado? I'm not concerned about it other than the walls that are twice my height (hello I'm only 5'1 1/2" LOL), but I'm not going to lie I'm concerned about the amount of running for my daughter...we're totally psyched about it but any information and/or input anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!


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That's awesome Trudy! I'm not familiar with Tough Mudder, but it looks like a blast. So my advice is this ... GO FOR IT!

Hi Trudy!

I am also signed up for the Tough Mudder with a team of 13-14.  I am also only 5'2", but I am intentionally bringing a few token "tall dudes" whose main purpose is to chuck us midgets over the walls whenever necessary.  If you need assistance, come join our team and we'll get you there!  As far as the running, I have not done a Tough Mudder in Colorado, but I did some research with my sister, who did the TM in Georgia about a month ago.  Her take is that the obstacles were fairly close together, or with the hills and such, running was really kept to a minimum.  I am guessing since this course begins around 8,000 ft and goes as high as 11,000 here in Colorado, we will have our share of hill climbs as well.  Also, the site plainly states that it is NOT a running race, so I wouldn't worry too much in that regard.  However, it DOES take endurance, so be sure to get your training in and remember to have fun -- especially when you get electrocuted at the end!  Hope to see you there!



Hey Vanessa


How'd the Tough Mudder go for you and your team?

Hey Vanessa

Thanks for the information - sounds like you're very prepared w/lots of assistance LOL - it's just her and I doing it - everyone we mentioned it to and showed them the site were like "are you crazy" LOL but oh well....I'll talk to her and see about combining forces w/you guys...I'm thinking some help over some of the high obstacles would be good LOL....yeh we're totally doing this thing for fun as mother and daughter....




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