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I was reminded of a journalistic technique some wise old editor tried to teach me back when I was a pup writing for newspapers and magazines: zoom in, zoom out. Changing the focus on a story gives readers a different perspective. As I was finishing a short run to the top of the W's yesterday, I stood there looking out at the Garden of the Gods far below. Then I looked at the granite boulder right in front of me. Both were beautiful in different ways. The contrasting sandstone of the Gardent against the green hillsides is a stunning mosaic. The speckled veins of mineral running through the ancient boulder mesmerized.


Running the Pikes Peak Ascent is alot like this zoom in and out experience. Starting in town you stare up at this behemoth mountain. It's still miles away and looking almost tame from that vantage point. A big rock to be conquered. Fast forward 13 miles and you're staring at the gravel path through sweat-stained lashes mustering every ounce of will to make your feet move - seeing only the step in front of you. The mountain and all who tread there are maniacal from this angle.


The reasons I run are like this constantly twirling kaleidescope. The improved health of my body and future of my family. The joy that wells up deep, deep inside after doing something I thought was impossible. The satisfaction of crossing something off the bucket list. The challenge and sometime disappointment of pushing my mental toughness further than I've ever gone.


This zooming in and out can make me dizzy, but it makes my story better.

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