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Pikes Peak Ascent Race Report - A Little Late Like My Finish

Maybe I've finally recovered, maybe I'm lazy - either way, I'm just getting to my race report for the Pikes Peak Ascent. The 13+ miles and 7K feet of elevation gain kicked my tail. I had lofty delusions (I mean goals).


Heading into it, I got psyched up into thinking I could peek at 3:30. I had know idea. I do know that this in itself is an indicator of much growth in my running this season. I went from just wanting to finish when I signed up for the race to having goals... that related to time... that's amazing in my book!


Results: 4:07.56


Highlight: I threw up on the bus ride down the mountain. That's studly huh?


Details: I felt really good getting through the W's, past No Name Creek, even up to Barr Camp. I hit Barr Camp at just under two hours. Unfortunately, my watch broke and I have no idea what my split was up to A Frame. I would love to know because I felt really good in that stretch as well.


Something happened though when I hit treeline. Maybe it was psychological. Maybe it was lack of training at altitude. Bigfoot jumped on my back and I couldn't shake him. It was like sucking car exhaust and mercury. I was hurtin. The pictures tell a thousand words, if I decide to buy them I'll post them for your enjoyment. You've probably seen them before. Before the race: smiles, happy, strong. Last mile: please someone kill me, you want me to smile... please, I signed up for this? 


I'm happy to finish. I'm glad I beat my boss' time 4:25. I'm glad I did it. After it all I'm in awe of the hundreds of people that go out there with nothing to prove to anyone but themselves. It's an amazing thing about running - the only audience I need is me.


Being part of the Pikes Peak Sports.US team has been fantastic. Those guys pushed me to be better. I'll blog about that later this week or next. Right now I'm considering how I'm going to fare in the America Discovery Trail Marathon. Yep... I'm going to run a marathon. I figure it can't be that much harder that 13 miles straight up. Or can it? I even have some thought that maybe I can shoot for 3:30!


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Comment by Tim Bergsten on August 31, 2011 at 11:44am

Aaron, great report. Thanks  a millon. I love this line: "It's an amazing thing about running - the only audience I need is me."

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