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Woodmen Hill west of I-25. Last July, my attempt to run up the SOB depleted every energy in my body, thus leaving me in submission under a pine tree in a person's yard. I couldn't continue. Luckily I had a phone with me to call a ride. Today was my day to settle the score with the old nemesis, and that I did. My method of attack was to shoot for various targets along the stretch (streetlights, trees, mailboxes, etc.) a few hundred yards away. I used that target shooting strategy until I made it to the top of the darn thing, worked very nicely. Pure grace running down the other side, even despite the cold winds blowing in from the south. Made it home in the early afternoon and had a peaceful rest knowing I gave Woodmen Hill a swift kick in the butt.

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Comment by Jeff Gallup on December 24, 2011 at 9:19pm


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