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Well folks, we’ve been talking about it for quite some time. And, we’ve decided to pull up our big boy pants, and move on from a “blog” and actually become a full, blown-out, fancy-schmancy website! We should be rolling out this new, streamlined uber-cool site TODAY (fingers crossed). It might take awhile, and things might get messy. BUT, just know, Team UpaDowna is working hard to make sure all of the OLD info from this site makes it to the NEW site in one piece….

Here are some cool features you’ll see on the new site!

  • Easy navigation at the top of every page

  • An UpaDowna fan favorite: Beer Of The Week(end) section WITH….wait for it….integrated info on what kind of beer it is and the brewery it comes from (including a click-able brewery photo that takes you straight to their website!)


  • Easy-to-find lists of all the gear reviews, separated into categories

  • A list of all the killer UpaDowna and Community events going on!

  • A “what’s hot” section at the bottom of every page for quick and easy navigation of the info you want, when you want it

And who could forget our beloved Yeti?!? Why he himself received a new friend! A more “21 and under” friendly version. This Yeti is any age appropriate and is more focused on the “Upa” part (hence his awesome hiking stick!)


Even though this guy is making an appearance, we're NOT getting rid of the "Downa" Yeti!

So, we invite you to sit back, relax, enjoy a cold one if you like, and check out our new site! We do ask that you be patient and understanding of any bugs that might be around. Please feel free to bring up any issues you have, or tell us how UBER COOL the site is! We couldn’t have done it without our amazing computer tech guys over at Pixel-Whip! Thanks guys!


Be sure to check out the NEW website here soon: www.upadowna.com


Adventure On!

MtnMama signing off!

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