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The Highway to Hell is Paved with Intervals

It's just 15 minutes of your life.  Yet, the feeling that you're having a heart attack, about to barf, and pass out all at the same time makes it seem more like a calf-exploding eternity.  The relief that pulses through every muscle when Barr Trail Intervals are over is second to none.

Because I like to include you all in the pain and sweat of training, here's a breakdown - by interval - of the blog-appropriate things that came to mind while running.

1. Let's do this thing...how fast can I run?

2. I'm going to be super embarrassed if I can only manage two of these...

3. A quarter of the way done.

4. Some guy just yelled "You go girl!" Keep pushing, you can't look like a wuss now.

5.  Only 7 more to go...just 7 more minutes of your life.

6.  Half way there.

7.  Intervals with rock climbing thrown in.  

8.  Pick up your big old feet.

9.  Three quarters down!

10. I don't think I'm pushing hard enough...maybe I should go for 15 instead.

11.  Maybe 15 is a really terrible idea.

12.  I should be done now.

13.  Dear Incliners coming down Barr Trail...the right of way belongs to those of us going up. Intervals stop for no one.

14.  You've got this, only one more.

15.  I guess it wasn't that bad.

By the time I was done I had logged 4.2 miles.  That includes the intervals plus running up Ruxton to get to the dreaded Ws and down Ruxton to get back to my car once this exercise in nausea-tolerance was done.

It was hard, but it felt good, as most hard runs do.  I'll try to make intervals a weekly habit - anything that miserable must be good for you.

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Comment by Norman Mininger on June 29, 2014 at 7:46pm

In all the years I've done the PPM, I've never tried interval training on Barr Camp as part of my training...sounds intriguing and beneficial!

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