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Tandem bike for friend who's lost her sight.

My friend Michelle Abdi from high school recently lost her site due to a rare disease. One of two people in the world to have it at this point. The thing she misses the most? Bike riding.


She is actually in Blacksburg, Virginia...I know a far cry from here...but I think that riding a bike is a great thing and know that finding a tandem bike that is inexpensive for her needs is tough. So I'm reach out to all my networks. She just misses the feeling of riding and has someone who's willing to take her out from time to time.


Have a bike? Contact Michelle at:

  • blinkin@uoblivion.com
  • 1 540.831.9232

Thanks. Feel free to share with people you know who live close or live in Virginia. Hopefully we'll find her something inexpensive nearby or something someone can ship cheap to there.




ps Here Facebook is here if you want to contact that way:


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