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Wed, Nov 20th, 5pm-8:30pmHosted at Ivywild School in the Gym! Free to attend! Looking to connect with the best sports & recreation-related businesses, events, and nonprofits? We get a bit of everyth…

Wed, Nov 20th, 5pm-8:30pm

Hosted at Ivywild School in the Gym! 

Free to attend!
Looking to connect with the best sports & recreation-related businesses, events, and nonprofits? We get a bit of everything at our Expos over the last 4…

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Seeing the Unsung: Our "Other" Trail Users


Last week I had the pleasure of attending TEDxMileHigh up in Denver. TEDx events are the regional off shoot of Ted.com, who's tagline is "Ideas Worth Spreading". I've been hooked on watching TED for about 2 years now, so it was sort of a dream come true to be in row 4 of such an event. Bonus: the networking group I started, Denver Young Professionals, was a partner of the event and one of our members....it's founder.


I've been a big fan of TED because it's about…


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73 miles and 7.5 hours to Think a Little


Since I built my monstercross rig up it's begged the question of how far and where could I ride. It's become the true all around bike my mountain bike used to be. My first 10 years of mtbing was done on 1.9 to 2.1 tires with 2.1 seemingly "way big" at the time. But then again, I was riding it everywhere. To the trails, on the road, gravel roads, and wherever. But with small tires, steeper angles, bigger gears...you could. Now though my mtb has a 150mm fork up front, 39/26 gearing up…


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Tandem bike for friend who's lost her sight.

My friend Michelle Abdi from high school recently lost her site due to a rare disease. One of two people in the world to have it at this point. The thing she misses the most? Bike riding.


She is actually in Blacksburg, Virginia...I know a far cry from here...but I think that riding a bike is a great thing and know that finding a tandem bike that is inexpensive for her needs is tough. So I'm reach out to all my networks. She just misses the feeling of riding and has someone…


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Happiness is a Cold Bike Ride

I can't say that I like the cold. Hell it's why I left Minnesota and never really go back unless it's that one sunny month a year they get there. I love the warm, 320 sunny days a year of Colorado Springs. Love wearing t-shirts and shoes with no socks most of the year. I enjoy shopping for sunglasses more than I do cold weather clothing. Cheaper that way too. But yet there is something to be said about a bike ride when the weather is a bit brisk…


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History of Dirt Drops, '88-'11

Well it's interesting that back in the hey day of mountain bike innovation there was one thing that never truly was tackled well, the dirt drop. Chucky Cunningham and the boys at WTB (Wilderness Trail Bikes, pre-Global empire) offered the much loved and sought after, WTB Dirt Drop. $50 for the handlebar in a day when handlebars didn't cost $50. Yet they figured out special stems and shifter pods to slap your thumbies on for them. Can't hardly find a pic of a Cunningham bike without a dirt…


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Hanging with the Kickstand Crew/Denver Cruisers...

This last Wednesday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys at Kickstand magazine in Denver created by Denver Cruiser's mastermind, Brad Evans. It's been inspiring to walk into their office down in the

Sante Fe Arts District just south of Downtown/Colfax Ave exit an enter a

room that is always filled with a new batch of cruisers. This time, an

all white (even down to the tires) city bike from my former home, the

Netherlands, stands out. A beautiful masterpiece of…


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Old Story: Tour De Victor

(This is my account of one of my favorite races every in my 20 years of racing...which sadly the year I did it would be the last. 2004 I believe)

So it wasn’t long ago that I got roped into what my friend calls “The Toughest Mountain Bike Race under 20 miles in Colorado". Sure whatever. In the day of 29″ wheels and semi slick tires mountain bike racing is dead and trying to revive NORBA is like trying to pump up a flat tire with one of those mini-pumps. Besides, I’m sick of racing… Continue

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Bikes and Music=The Perfect Mix

ealized today how much I love to ride my bike and how much I was meant to ride it. It just resets my brain and helps me clear shit. I put in the headphones, move it to the "1ride1live" playlist on my Ipod and begin the process of emptying my brain....instead filling it with the music I rarely listen to anymore. The old punk and metal stuff mostly. The stuff that can drive my ride and push me beyond my lung and heart capacity. Pantera, Motorhead, Thrill Kill Kult, Mudhoney, Dead Kennedys,… Continue

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About a Boy (And his Bike)

(My friend Phoebe challenged me to write something other than my funny misadventures or my non-fiction. To write something about me. So here is the start)

It was the summer of 1989 that a small town child had oddly been exposed to the idea of an “all terrain bicycle”. The oddity derived from the fact the boy grew up in a secluded subdivision 7 miles away from a little nowhere town of 25,000 known to the mapmakers as Winona, MN, and even then it was a subdivision of 5 homes that… Continue

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My journey to being a cyclist in Colorado Springs

Cycling. It's something that's been near and dear to my heart since I was a child building trails to ride on when I was just 9 years old back home in MN. I guess that's where I started to get spoiled with ease of access to trails. In '87 I stopped riding my bmx bike on trails we made in my neighborhood and started riding my dad's Schwinn Cruiser "5 speed"....big wide handlebars....with the shifter right at the stem for some God forsaken reason. Two years later in '89 I made the biggest purchase… Continue

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