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South Slope watershed plan includes key connector trail between lakes; money, volunteers needed

Colorado Springs Utilities released its final plan for the South Slope Watershed. Click here to read the plan..

When will it open? Funding needs to be secured and construction completed. We'll do our best to keep you posted. If anyone has new info to share, please post it on our site or comment below.

The following is a list of activities that will - and won't - be allowed.


Recreation Type Allowed Reasoning

Hiking Yes On trail only

Equestrian Yes Traditional use; on trail onl

Bicycle Yes On trail only

Wildlife/nature viewing/

photography Yes On trail only activity

Fishing- reservoir Yes McReynolds, Mason, and Moraine only; only allowed on

designated shoreline areas; no body contact

Picnicking Yes On trail or at day use area

Non-motorized boating Yes McReynolds Reservoir only; only hand-launched boats; no

body contact

Vehicular access Yes Access to trailhead, day-use area only

Permitted events (races,

invitationals) Yes Assumes on-trail use; special use permit required through

Parks and Recreation

Hunting Yes Limited capacity dependent on collaboration between Springs

Utilities and CDOW

Fishing- stream No Impacts to fens/sensitive wetlands

Fishing- ice No Safety issues

Camping developed No

High development and on-going operations and

management costs; vegetation trampling; fire risk; impact

to water quality

Camping primitive No Human waste issues; soil compaction/erosion, vegetation

trampling; fire risk; impact to water quality

Overnight hut system No

Human waste issues; vegetation trampling; fire risk;

increased operations and management costs and burden;

impact to water quality

Commercial recreation

permittees No Public participant opposition

Rock climbing No Assumes off-trail use - bighorn sheep disturbance

Dogs No Resource impacts; wildlife disturbance; off-trail use

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