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Being a transplant from the great, flat, expanse of the Northern Midwest I am no stranger to lonely runs.  That doesn't mean I enjoy them.  Moving to the Springs feels like I've found my tribe.  There's some sort of social running group meeting almost every night of the week.  Last night, because I didn't want to go it alone in the wind/occasional rain, I joined the Colorado Running Company's social running group.  It was fun - I met people who are training for a variety of different events from Boston to 50 mile trail races to triathlons.  I also met a pack of dogs (even one that was about the size of a guinea pig, but could keep up with its person for hour-long runs).  It's the short and sweet jaunts like this that break up the monotony of hilly, rocky training runs.  It's also a nice opportunity to commune with other people who have spent their weeks training at odd hours on solitary trails.  

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